Computers won’t save your company

Randall Mauldin
06-30-16 04:32 PM Comment(s)
Cyberattacks partake a never-ending, complex and thankless job. For the past year in cybersecurity, it has been painstaking for companies to defend their digital assets. There are instances wherein a cyberattack can cause tremendous damage to your company’s finances and output. Thus, this leads us to question if we should trust computers more than we trust our staff. Globalization has lead supply chain from the traditional way of organizing things to digitizing everything. But with the high chance of cyberattacks, companies are also risking their profits.

Physical versus digital components of the supply chain

Digital components in supply chain are always vulnerable to threats compared to the traditional way. However, the downside of the traditional way of keeping things is that it often leads to unorganized, lots of paperwork and will take a lot of time. This is the reason why companies should invest more on the trainings of their employees rather than on investing in expensive computer systems. Unlike any other computer systems, human are able to adjust to the situation of the market, analyze extrinsic data which the computers cannot observe. Like the attitude of the suppliers, the demand in the market, competition and all other factors that may affect the supply chain. Attending Supply Management Trainings It is important for supply chain professionals to always attend supply management trainings to enhance their skills in supply chain. They need to listen to experts and communicate with other supply chain professionals. Moreover, a good foundation in Supply Management would also help in improving the profitability of one's company. One of the companies that provide supply management training is the Supply Leaders Academy by Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC. They provide comprehensive and cohesive training that will prepare supply chain professionals to pass the Certified Professional in Supply Management Examination in just 3 days. The alumni of the said training were able to contribute tremendously to the income of their company by reducing the procurement cost and as a result the company was able to save millions of dollars. This happened because of the training and lecture that was provided by Dr. Randall Mauldin, CPSM, PMP during the 3-day Supply Management Boot Camp. If you want to know more about this boot camp, you may visit or call 1-877-680-0494 to find out more on how you can attract opportunites in the supply chain, downlod the FREE EBOOK entitled Guides to the Opportunities in Supply Management