Dealing with Supply Chain Inefficiency

11-15-14 05:56 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Sixty-two percent of supply chain managers are facing supply chain interruptions, safety issues, and a number of government regulation issues. These problems may seem minute and important to professionals who don't have any idea about supply chain, but a Certified Professional in Supply Chain Management (CPSM) think of these situations as an indicator of red alert. A CPSM knows that unsynchronized data about the supply chain can comprise the success of your company. You might not be aware but you might be flushing money outside your company. The secret on how to stop supply chain insufficiency is your relationship with your partners, the quality of business you deliver, and the knowledge and skill of your personnel who is manning your supply chain.   11.14-Supply  Inefficiencies Most of the companies continue to face supply chain insufficiency, which results to bloated and obsolete inventories, transportation delays, and manufacturing disruptions. Chief Executive Officers like Waterloo, IBM, Hitachi, and a lot more are now encouraging their personnel to take the Certified Professional in Supply Chain Management to to add credibility and enhance the skills of their employees, as well as to aid the growing supply chain inefficiency. Professionals who passed the CPSM Exam are slowly combating the supply chain inefficiency by improving supply chain visibility and creating a lean supply chain to overcome a variety of risks and ultimately improve the supply chain management. Eliminating supply chain inefficiency is a tedious process which requires the right strategy and the right people, which a Certified Professional in Supply Chain Management can deliver. They play a critical part in mitigating the risks that can impact your success. Possessing a certificate in Supply Chain Management brings benefit to one's career, social status, and family. In fact, a certificate in CPSM brings 8% more to your salary. Companies give more attention and credit to your works due to your CPSM title. The only downside in possessing a CPSM is that you carry an extra load of burden since your boss is expecting a lot from you. You may also expect that most of your officemates may also add some extra eye on whatever you do. But the thing is, nothing can outweigh the benefits of what CPSM can give. If you want to become more proficient in supply chain management, you can join one of Jack Quinn Solutions 3-day CPSM Certification Training Boot Camp. Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC provides you with trainings and skill development for you to achieve a better career opportunity! We can train you and bring out the best in you. Get more business and procurement tips atCPSM Training.  
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