Give Your Downline The Gift Of Education - Ensure Their Success

01-19-12 11:26 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

By Ian Hatch Lets face it: The key to success in MLM is building and retaining a large downline. But the sad fact is that only 2% of all Network Marketers actually make a success of it. You need to consistently duplicate yourself to keep your business growing so you can get to the point where you have time and financial freedom. In order to consistently duplicate yourself, you need to educate your downline so they can do that: Duplicate you. As systems work, you should use a system to duplicate and educate. You therefore really need two systems: One that helps your downline get the knowledge they need, and one that helps them do the activity needed to build their downlines. So the best is to make a system that goes through the skills needed in a logical way, and then to take action by doing the steps they have learned in order to duplicate themselves. The skills are: Belief in Network Marketing and Ability to give others the same belief The correct attitude to MLM success and prospecting The ability to talk to strangers The ability to prospect and present The ability to close the deal The ability to educate their downline In short, the downline members need to become leaders who can present, sell and educate. So you really need a systematic way to do all this and to help your downline do the activity that will ensure their success. Here are the steps you need to teach them: 1) The correct belief in Network Marketing 2) To believe in your education and prospecting system 3) How to build a network marketing business 4) How to set realistic goals and the steps to realise those goals 5) How to have a success mindset and how to duplicate themselves 6) How to become leaders You can devise your own system or have someone help you set up your own system. There are also many people online who have set up systems that you can use without having to have your own product. With those, you get to sell their product and use their recruiting and training system. It is however, better to use your own product and your own system. This way you are in control of the whole process and have a greater chance of success. You can build an empire in your company if you can successfully educate your team and give them a step by step system to work daily. For more information, and to get your own system set up, a href= my website/a and download the free report: How To Help Your Downline Become Passionate About Prospecting.
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