How Not to Waste Time and Opportunity in the Supply Chain

Randall Mauldin
01-06-15 07:35 PM Comment(s)
As a business professional you know how valuable time is. You know that every second counts, that you may gain or lose potential business partners by just failing to answer their call or for email. You are aware that the life of a business professional, especially those in the supply chain is filled with what ifs. What if my supplier fails to deliver my order, what if I ordered from the wrong supplier, what if the products are substandard, in short, there are so many what ifs that are running in the mind of a supply chain professional. CPSM Certification Training Aside from work related what ifs, you are also confronted with personal dilemmas like what if I will finish my MBA, what if I started my continuing education this year, what if I will not get a promotion this year and so on. One way to eradicate this type of behavior is to ACT on every opportunity and FACE every potential endeavor that can give you success. If you want to have a promotion in 2015, then you have to work hard for it. How? Your boss or the Human Resources Department will surely notice you once you have an outstanding work record. A supply chain professional may improve his performance in a lot of ways, by constantly reading supply chain management publications, attending seminars, and by adding credentials like an MBA or a supply management certification. Earning a supply management certification is one of the most reliable ways for you to easily get noticed. Why? A certification is a symbol that a supply chain professional has an added knowledge, competence, and value. Most of the time, the Human Resource Department would always favor a professional who has a certification. In fact, there are professionals who lost their jobs because they do not have any certifications. One of the well-known certification in the supply management industry today is the Certified Professional in Supply Management from the Institute of Supply Management. This is one of the four highly recognized supply management certifications worldwide. The CPSM is comprised of three exams, which you may pass in less than 30 days with the proper guidance from a Supply Management Boot Camp like the CPSM Certification Boot Camp of Jack Quinn Solutions. The exam is designed to test your knowledge as a supply chain professional, but passing the CPSM Exam will give you a lot of benefits aside from the promotion. Earning a CPSM Certification will surely open up the doors for a greener pasture. If you do not want to live in the world of what ifs, then you should ACT on every opportunity and do not attempt for another year to fulfil your dreams. If you are on a tight budget right now, the CPSM Certification Boot Camp has Easy Payment Plans wherein you can join the Boot Camp even if you have not yet paid in full. Once you pass the CPSM Exam, there is a big possibility that you will receive an 8% increase in your salary! For more details visit or call 877-680-0494