How to get a Raise before the year ends

09-21-14 10:48 AM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Companies do not just give salary and budget increase. Top-ranking officials specially in the finance department are very strict when it comes to spending and budgeting money. That is why you are still earning the same salary despite the fact that we are no longer in the period of recession; penny-pinching bosses are still reluctant to open up their wallets. It is common for employees to think that they deserve a bigger paycheck for their services rendered. Some employees’ think that what their efforts are not being compensated well with what they are receiving monthly. Professionals in the supply chain management and procurement would often relate to this situation. Every professional must remember that getting a raise is not easy because multiple parties must affirm that you deserve a salary increase. It does not only require effort on your part, but it also encourages you to render extra patience. Have you ever asked your boss what you need to do in order to get a raise? Asking this question would encourage a cooperative process on the part of your boss. This can be a ground and opportunity for you and your boss to exchange ideas and values. Asking the said question directly to your boss produces a clear goal for you to work towards, it exposes areas wherein your boss thinks that you need to improve on, it also foreshadows whether you need to look for a new job. Moreover, asking your boss what you need to do in order to get a raise would also align your goals to your boss and team. It enhances your personal and organizational value. When your boss tells you that you do not have enough credentials for a salary increase, then you need to pursue continuing education like pursuing a Masters Degree or Certification that would tell that you are an expert in a particular field. If you are in the field of Supply Management and Procurement, top-rank companies prefer to hire professionals who are Certified Professionals in Supply Chain Management. Jack Quinn Solutions LLC., can help you review to pass the CPSM Exam! The preparation is focused around the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) offered by the Institute for Supply Management. The certification was developed from a survey of procurement executives of companies that generated over a billion dollars in annual revenue. The course offers straightforward, however vital, systems for entrepreneurs and executives looking to transform supply administration into a key a piece of their business via preparing the individuals answerable for obtainment into affirmed experts who know how to do key sourcing. Get a chance to win a CPSM Certification Boot Camp Scholarship!Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC focuses on helping procurement professionals achieve the highest standard in the purchasing career field. Supply chain management is a strategic part of business operations and our training courses develop Supply Leaders who understand all aspects of supply chain management and possess the leadership skills required to implement strategic solutions with military precision and a "failure is not an option" attitude. For more information visit or call 877-680-0494 or  
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