Is Getting Certified in the Supply Chain that Important?

01-26-15 05:18 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

A Certification in the supply chain like the Certified Professional in Supply Chain Management or CPSM is currently forming a buzz around the supply chain industry right now. But, is this certification really important? As an honest and straightforward reply, yes the CPSM Certification is important in today’s economic value and the environment. A CPSM Certification serves as a public identifier that confirms your competence within the field and in turn supports your ability to the job. In short, a CPSM is an excellent credential that you can add to your resume! CPSMWill this help you keep your job? The CPSM is only part of the equation needed. There are other components that you need to fulfill such as, competence and balance of skills, knowledge and aptitude that demonstrate your capability to do the job, which is gained through experience. Why a Credential or Certification carries more weight than experience? Supply Chain Management is not a regulated profession and it does not require you to take a special test before you can practice one, unlike lawyers and doctors. Thus, getting a certification is important because this will serve as your identifier that you are one of the best in your field. Certainly ISM's CPSM certification is relevant since it is recognized internationally. In order to have the title CPSM, you have to take and pass all three exams. Thus, it is better to take exam prepared than having it without any preparation at all. One of the best ways to prepare for the CPSM Exam is by joining a CPSM Certification Review Course that will teach you strategies and give you study materials in order for you to pass the CPSM Exam. Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC offers 3-day CPSM Certification Boot Camp across the United States of America every month. They offer one-on-one coaching: Click here when you register today, not only do you get the 3-day boot camp course, but also you get the following bonuses…
  •         Your own supply management diagnostic kit ($175 value), so you know exactly how much you really know about supply management.
  •         Customized study plan so you know exactly where to focus your efforts to pass the certification exams easily. ($97 Value)
  •         Access to the online version of the course, so you can review before and after the class ($997 Value), to really get to grips with the content.
  •         One-on-one coaching session with a CPSM Certified coach, so you can ask questions to a live person, get answers and see things from new perspectives ($297 Value).
  •         Additional reading materials, workbook, answer keys and course binder given in class ($600 Value), so you have the reference material you need to ensure you understand and apply supply management concepts, and see great results from doing so.
  •         Exam Pass Guarantee, so you know you will pass the first time or we pay for your reexamination ($900 Value)
In total, the bonuses are worth…$3,063.00 Because the value of our training is unmatched by anyone and the results of your achieving certification will be 3 fold once you show results based on the things you learned in our course, you need to register now, so you can achieve your goals of a more secure position with a higher salary in 2015. If you don’t invest today, the first thing that will happen is you will begin wondering when your boss figures out he must have certified supply chain folks. You will know when your replacement shows up. The second thing that will happen is that you will continue not earning a higher salary than other people who are certified, basically leaving $6000 on the table each year.
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