Is professional certification worth it?

Randall Mauldin
04-27-20 07:16 PM Comment(s)
With a major shift in the #economic situation for many professionals, you need to consider how to best #prepare for the future.

Is professional #certification worth it?

With a major shift in the #economic situation for many professionals, you need to consider how to best #prepare for the future.

You will either fight to keep your current job or seek new opportunities due to a #reduction in the #workforce at your company.

So to determine if any certification is worth the investment, we need to consider what future #opportunities may exist after certification.

So consider these questions...
1) Once certified, will your current company give you a raise to a higher salary?
2) Can I get a job at a different company in a higher-paying position?
3) Will certification help me to keep my current job if my company is forced to reduce the number of employees?

If yes to the first two question questions above, how much more salary will you earn (the difference between your old salary and your new salary)?

Based on this number, how many months do you have to work for the difference in pay to equal the cost of your investment in the certification?

If yes to question 3, well then, your investment enables you to keep your job and feed your family.

How much is that worth?

What do you think?