Knowing When It Is Time To Purchase A New Set Of Continental Tires

Randall Mauldin
02-11-12 04:12 PM Comment(s)
By George B. Rawlings Its crucial that vehicle owners are savvy regarding when it is time to change out their continental tires. Although it is quite important to know this information, many people do not pay much attention to their wheels until the find themselves stranded on the side of the interstate. You do not want to end up in this situation. First of all, a good tire will have high tread. The penny test is a simple, no-fuss method of ensuring that you have adequate tread before you head out on the open road. In order to get results from this test, just take a penny and push it into the tires tread grooves along the front. When all of the presidents head is clearly in sight then you should consider buying a new set, but if none of it is visible then you are fine. If you find that it is time for a new set, especially if it has not been that long since you bought your last set, you should look at where the tread wear has occurred to determine if other work needs to be done on your vehicle. When the center is far more worn than the outside of the wheel, this means that over inflation is likely the cause. On the contrary, wear around the shoulders of the wheel is an indication of an under inflation issue. If the wearing is very uneven, this usually means that you need an alignment. The appearance of tread is usually the biggest indication of whether or not you need new Continental tires. Other huge warning signs include a ride that is no longer smooth or large cracks that obviously indicate damage or deterioration within the wheel. It is recommended that vehicle owners replace the entire set at once rather than simply replacing one or two. By switching your Continental tires out for a new set you can help to safeguard yourself from an accident and even increase your cars fuel economy. The accidents that are related to vehicle owners who do not adequately inspect their wheels each year is a big problem. Be safe; investigate your cars wheel tread for these issues and for appropriate inflation before any long trip and at least once every month. Would you like to know more about on this subject? then you need to take look at a href= Tires/a or you can also check a href= Tires/a.