Make Your Temporary Position Permanent

Randall Mauldin
07-13-16 02:05 PM Comment(s)
sla-logo-2015030smallWith permanent fulltime positions proving hard to obtain in the current economic climate, more people are gaining experience through internships and temporary positions to gain skills which make them more employable. Interns are generally unpaid or get paid at a lower rate than normal; in order to receive valuable training in an industry they want to begin a career in. The ideal scenario for an intern is that at the end of their stint, they are offered a permanent position within the company. In order to receive an offer the intern must prove themselves as a valuable member of the team. If you are interning or considering doing so, here are some tips to help you stick around. Follow your highest aspiration Apply for temporary positions which will help you to achieve your lifetime career ambition. Its easy to pretend you like a job, but true passion is hard to feign. In order to show youre passionate about the internship you actually have to feel it. Dedication and hard work will come naturally as a result of your passion, meaning youre more likely to succeed in your role and land a permanent position. Be prepared Bring your own tools which are necessary for your job. If your internship is in an office bring your own office stationery, this shows youve been aspiring to work in an office for some time and have had the supplies ready. Be prepared mentally as well as physically. Supervisors and managers will set you tasks that may seem out of your comfort zone. The way in which you attempt the challenge and your eagerness to do so will matter more than the end result. If you fail the task but have shown determination to succeed youll still earn brownie points. Voice your career goals Once you have worked at the company for a month or two, inform your agency and employer youd like to be considered for a permanent position when your internship expires. Waiting a short amount of time will show you have assessed the position and have settled in nicely. Plus, if you dont end up enjoying the internship you can avoid the awkward scenario of turning down the job offer. Become a valuable team member Prove your credentials as a team member from day one by making your voice heard. If you have an idea which you believe is worth sharing let your colleagues know. Contributing valuable ideas is a way to be treated as a permanent employee. Show an interest in your workmates so theyll mention your positive attributes to your employer. Youll be assessed on how you fit into the workforce as well as your individual performance. No employer will want to hire someone who is considered ignorant or a trouble causer. Some colleagues may have a certain level of influence too, if your co-workers recommend you as a valuable team player your permanent employment chances will considerably increase. If you arent offered a permanent positionhellip; Dont take it personally if youre not offered a long-term position. If youve given the opportunity your best shot the chances are that it wasnt your fault anyway. Business obstacles such as budget restraints may mean the company doesnt currently have the funding available to offer you a position. They may even offer you a position in the future at a more appropriate time. Utilize the experience you have gained from the internship to assist your career progression rather than dwelling on the negatives. Start looking for new jobs immediately to avoid confidence lapses, you may even find that there are better positions available within your industry from a different company. Written by Daniel Travis