Now, you can level up in your career through continuing education

11-09-16 12:55 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Who says you you can only level up on the games you play, and not on your career? We often hear our colleagues, younger siblings, daughter or sons take pride whenever they level up on their favorite games! How about this, have you heard your colleague enthusiastically say that he has leveled up his career or he is taking steps to level up his career? No that often right or at least very minimal.What if I tell you that you can now level up your career just like your online games. Similar to the virtual games you play, you also make plans, goals and hurdle some obstacles before you go to the next point. Leveling up in your career will give you twice or thrice the satisfaction and fulfillment than leveling up on your normal games.Some of us are afraid of leveling up on our careers thinking that it will trap us on heavier responsibilities, less time with family and so on, but have you ever considered the positive side of a promotion? It will give you endless possibilities, such as increase in financial gain, it will lead you to a greener pasture with other companies eyeing at you, you can spend more for your family’s needs and health and so on.If you will not seek for a higher level in your career, you will surely feel bored in the long run.  We can associate this with careers or present position in the work field. How was it working through the year without any changes in your role? On games when one player levels up, the “I” feels the glory and fulfillment, where as leveling up in your chosen career means a great domino effect. It does not only the “I” that is being satisfied but the “we” and “us”. This means your family can benefit too, if you level up in your career.How do you level up?Supply Leaders Academy can help you get through to the next level.  If you want more opportunities and a better life for your family, take some continuing education with Supply Leaders Academy through the assistance of Dr. Randall Mauldin. If you have a particular interest in the supply chain, such as topics relating to supplier diversity, strategic sourcing, and how to build a procurement team - Dr. Randall Mauldin is conducting series of webinar events and live classes all throughout the year.Invest today and level up, unlike on games, leveling on your career path affects the life of the whole family positively. Act now and join the set of webinar and classes of Supply Leaders Academy.Remember that a dormant career life will not get you anywhere. Don’t get stuck, rise up and see the effect of leveling yourself up. Save the dates and register now! It won’t take you a year to do that. Inquire now and register at or call 1-877-680-0494.
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