Reviewing Outsourced Call Centers Agents

Randall Mauldin
02-09-12 12:36 PM Comment(s)
Many telesales offices blind their prospects by diverting the attention to the call centers low pricing and quoting insane rates. This is not suggesting that cost is not important but what good is great pricing if the quality of representation is lacking? When possible it is best to ask to speak directly with one or more of the telemarketers that will be working on the clients behalf. A three minute conversation will give amazing insight as what might be expected from the pending campaign. Should the a href= center agent/a speak broken English or be difficult to understand then it is highly improbable that they will convert many prospect to sales or leads. Further, the wrong caller can be very damaging to a businesses reputation even to the point of causing compliant calls or reporting to third party agencies. This is especially important in todays internet age because some online complaint sites rank very high in the search engines. The last thing anyone needs is to turn an outsourced calling program a massive reputation management program. During the interview process listen for several key points to determine if they are right for the job. Once it has been determined that the caller speaks well it would then be a good idea to establish their confidence levels. No one would argue that confidence in once presentation is viral and it sells. Bashful people do not close deals and rarely succeed in any environment whereas they would be speaking directly to decision makers. Make sure not to confuse confidence with arrogance or being pushy. The candidate should sound sure of themselves while still coming across as very professional and polite. When possible its not bad idea to test the employees ability to handle rejection as this is to be expected in the course of their day. While interviewing the person try suggesting that he or she may not be the best person for job and ask them why they think they are qualified. This puts some agents on the defensive and others politely respond to attack. Another good idea is to ask the person where they rank in company in terms of closing ability. If the plan is to hire fifteen outsourced telemarketers then it may be wise to talk with four or five of them (if not all), and its especially important to talk with the agent that is expected to have the lowest production as this gives a good idea of what the weakest link is. Lastly, when possible insist that all results from each individual call center representative are reported weekly. The fact is effective agents will not require much time to produce favorable results. Establish from day one what the minimum expectations will be and agree in writing that anyone not meeting those reasonable performance terms within a short period of time will be removed from the campaign.