Shrink Bags Are A Simple, Cost Effective And Attractive Wrapping Alternative

Randall Mauldin
02-20-12 07:33 AM Comment(s)
By Chelsie J. Garcia There are two main types of wrapping bags to choose from when selecting which type of packaging film or wrapping film bags to use: shrink bags and dome bags. Manufacturers that use both of these bags have the capability to wrap and seal the vast majority of consumer products that are sitting on the retail shelves of the world today. Considered by most industry observers to be the quickest and easiest way to wrap a product, shrink bags are likewise called PVC bags, side-seam free bags, promotional bags, multipack bags, stock bags, retail shrinkbags, and square bags. Manufacturers have a wide range of stock bags in all kinds of stock sizes to choose from so that when it comes to wrapping and sealing products all that is needed to be done is to select the correct size of bag, put the product in it and then seal it with a hand held heat gun. Once activated by heat, the bags reduce in size by up to 40% and do not balloon since they have micro-perforated venting, which also protects it from splitting or bursting. Due to the fact that all that is needed to activate the film is a hand held heat gun, almost no training is required before someone can start packing and sealing products. The basic stock sizes of wrapping bags are 6x6 inches, 6x11 inches, 7x10 inches, 8x12 inches, 9x14 inches, and 12x16 inches and suitable to wrap and seal the bulk of the retail items that a manufacturer may produce. Also, if a bag that is smaller or larger is needed, many packaging supply companies have the ability to provide custom sized bags. The strongest, most durable bag being used by the wrapping industry today are the dome bags which are made out of PVC film and/or polyolefin. Furthermore, the FDAs rules for having direct contact with food are met by these wrapping bags so many manufacturers producing food or drink items rely on them to wrap and seal their products. These tougher bags have all sorts of other names such as shrinkbags, side-seam free bags, promotional bags, RPMA gift bags, gift basket bags, polyolefin bags, PVC bags, seamless shrinkbags, side-seam free bags, promotional bags and multipack bags. For manufacturers that need wrapping film right away, these bags are the perfect answer because they are easy to get quickly since most packaging supply places have a ready stock. And, as with other wrapping options, if a packaging supplier does not have the right size of shrink bags in stock, they can normally custom make the correctly sized wrapping bags. Many options of packaging equipments available at a href= bags/a and you can also click on a href= Printing/a.