Sought After Supply Chain Certification

09-30-14 04:02 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

The sought after Supply chain certification can be a precious piece of paper for many who know the value of its role in a company or an organization. If a mere employee has a career trajectory of becoming a Certified Supply chain Manager, he has to undergone a test to be called as one. Although it takes time, money and effort, this certification means increase in salary and another feather on their cap. But there are lots of certifications to choose to become on top of the corporate ladder, now we will discuss which certification are worth follow. There are two reputable well known certification that is very much suggested for beginners and to those who doesn’t know which path to chose, the first one is the Certified Professional in Supply Management from ISM, this certification proves that you have knowledge on supply management, risk compliance, finance and organizational strategy and this holds as a proof that you are capable to lead Supply Chain Management task in a company and in addition, CPSM study teaches an individual Chain management in a broad standpoint, beginning from planning, sourcing and to manufacturing and how this process can be integrated. Since there are lots of industries who are seeking this kind of people, then this would be a good idea to consider when aiming for a certificate. Another to consider is Certificate in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) But! One must pass 5 tests before being qualified to enroll on this class and earn the title. It’s like an elephant passing through a needle since one must pass the exam given to Basic of Supply Management, Master planning of resources, detailed scheduling and planning, execution and control of operations and Strategic Management of Resources. CPIM is a program founded in 1973 by APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society. CPIM involves concepts and strategies related to organizational management, procurement of supplies and sales and operation. Also, there is no bachelor’s degree required for this certification, an employee need only to have two year experience in the field. So it sounds not a bit complicated afterall. This two are the most sought after certification to be able to be recognized in the corporate world. As much as experience and knowledge is concern building up once comprehension to another level by obtaining this certificate is very essential. If an individual aims for a higher position, another title or even a boost on his morale, these two certificates can lead and pave a good future for him and his family. Although there are other CPSM exams but this two is on the top list of priority any employee must sought after. Whether it be difficult, time consuming or expensive but still obtaining a certificate from these two is a good investment. The main core and aim of learning CPSM and its related examination is to understand the evolution of business concept, including various supply chain environment. Those individual who passes and obtain these two certificates will be a great asset to a company or any business establishment. Now, upon reading this article, we hope those who aim for a higher level might be enlightened on what certification are the most sought after.
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