Supply Chain Management Boot Camp Scholarship Winner

10-02-14 03:03 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

2 October 2014 For Immediate ReleaseSupply Chain Management Boot Camp Scholarship Winner   Satellite Beach, FL - The CPSM Certification Boot Camp Training initiated a scholarship sweepstakes that gives away a $1597 worth of scholarship to a 3-day supply management boot camp. In a span of one month, the scholarship sweepstakes received a total of 6,443 entries worldwide. Jawad Syed, Logistics Coordinator of Jubail Chemical Industries Co. NAMA Chemicals Affiliate (Saudi Arabia) is the lone winner of the said contest.   Supply Chain Management Boot Camp Scholarship Winner The scholarship offered by the CPSM Certification Boot Camp is in view of the company's mission to help professionals to achieve their full potentials in the supply management industry. CPSM Certification Boot Camp Training has helped talented professionals to achieve their dreams of becoming a Certified Professional in Supply Management. The CPSM Certification Boot Camp is not just a review center for those who want to pass the CPSM Exam. The boot camp teaches professionals with strategies and techniques on how to pass the CPSM exam that are not taught or learned from review centers, software, or self-study. Moreover, the CPSM Certification boot camp offers a “pass guarantee” to all its participants, and less than 10% students have asked for re-examination fee. The Institute of Supply Management also recommends and certifies the credibility to CPSM Certification Boot Camp in honing the skills, talents, and knowledge of CPSM Exam takers. Individuals who participate in their boot camp face intense and effective preparation courses. Focused immersion provides participants with the knowledge to achieve results and pass the exams. Through their review, you would no longer spend months of review since you can just speed up the process and learn the same things within 3 to 5 days!   Benefits of Joining Supply Management Review Course   CPSM Certification ensures instant impression! For those who participate in the course, the content will immediately achieve cost savings for your organization because the concepts and techniques provide actionable information to improve your sourcing activities.   CPSM Certification promises positive outcome! The Institute for Supply Management stated that a 2.5% reduction in procurement costs produces the same amount of profit as a 10% increase in sales. We want to help you earn the credential that tells everyone you are a Supply Chain Leader that can provide solutions in a time when sales are flat or declining.   The training program will also entitle you to have the following:
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Additional Reading Materials to be given during the class
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 24 hours online access of discussions
  • CPSM Certification Exam Diagnostic Kit for Exams 1,2,3 (Bridge Kit for CPM's)- Web Version
  About Dr. Randall Mauldin, USMC(ret), CPSM, PMP   Dr. Mauldin has been creating supply chains, managing procurement, and facilitating logistics to create extraordinary value through cost savings and continuous improvement for over 20 years.   From his 20 years experience in the United States Marine Corps managing all aspects of the supply chain, from procurement to logistics to customer service, Dr. Mauldin understands the value of supply chain management as a strategic part of business operations and how well you spend your money will determine your success or failure.   For more information visit or call 877-680-0494 or    
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