Technology is making your supply chain job obsolete

03-06-17 02:37 AM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Technology is making your supply chain job obsolete   With the development of technology today, your job is at risk because at anytime the company might replace you with a robot. Have you visited a distribution center lately? There are robots everywhere or better yet programmers were able to create systems that can help with the distribution of the products.   Some say that these programs and robots are more reliable than people. Robots and systems tend to perform better than humans since they do not get exhausted immediately and commit less mistakes. However, systems and robots will not work well without human intervention. Systems and robots have limited functioning depending on their programming.   Humans and robots can co-exist, however there is still a possibility that a robot or a system can make your job obsolete in the supply chain because they are more cost efficient. So, how are you going to secure your job from the technological threat?   Employers are analytical and they can notice whether or not an employee is worth to keep. So, what are the key indicators that employers look for a worthy employee? Here are the key indicators that every employee seek:  
  1. Offers a Fresh Idea
According to Jason DeMers, Companies live and die by their ideas. They need a strong idea to get things moving, and they need strong ideas--both internally and externally--in order to stay ahead in their competitive landscape. And as any business owner or creative mind knows, strong ideas are almost impossible to generate consistently. That's why you need a full team of people ready to come up with the new ideas that will help sustain your company.   But you need more than regular brainstorming sessions. If you mandate that each employee come up with two new ideas for a specific purpose, you'll definitely get plenty of ideas. However, the best ideas are the ones that arise in response to a real situation, problem, or challenge, and for that you need employees who are constantly thinking of new ways to improve the company. If you can find an employee who comes up with these ideas independently and without direction--keep him/her.  
  1. Proactive Workers
These type or workers tend to perform well even if in a life and death situation. They can still work even if they are confronted a lot of stress. When a problem arises, they tend to respond quickly to resolve it.  
  1. Committed to Progress
These type of employees are seeker for knowledge and they seek for continuing education. Employers are digging to keep employees who have passion for education and training since they are the ones who exhibit creativity, efficiency and experience.   In the supply chain industry, it is really important that supply chain professionals engage in a yearly continuing education or attend supply chain seminars so that they can enhance their knowledge and skill in supply chain.   Jack Quinn Solutions LLC, provides one of the best supply chain boot camp wherein you will be able to have thorough knowledge in the foundations of supply chain that will also guide you to become a Certified Professional in Supply Management.When you have all these skills and trainings, surely your position will be secured and no robot can replace you!
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