Randall Mauldin
07-29-12 07:54 AM Comment(s)
"I also wanted to offer some feedback and kudos on your training.  I personally appreciated your straight to the point approach and how you made it clear that you were first and foremost training us to pass the exam.  I felt comfortable and confident going into the exams which was directly the result of the training I received.  I knew exactly what to expect during the test and had no surprises.  You are an excellent communicator and kept everyone engaged by drawing out personal experiences." Ted - Philadelphia, PA thank-you-card

Below are the comments from Dana, a candidate from Orlando to sit for the CPSM Exams...

July 18, 2012 - 3 days after the Boot Camp "... Just wanted to let you know that so far so good on the exams.  Exam 1 and Exam 2 are complete and I have passed with a 460 and 470...remembering the objective is to pass!  Techniques are working with about 20 -30 questions being skipped on the first pass and I had about 40 minutes left on Exam 1 and a complete hour on Exam 2 when finished.  Will let you know how I finish tomorrow evening after Exam 3.  Thanks, Dana" July 22, 2012 - 5 days after the Boot Camp "I passed Exam 3!  So I am done sir...thanks again for helping me get there...I would say #3 was the toughest for me."

Folks, the process works!!! Join our program and get certified. Our instructors were trained through the ISM Train-the-Trainer Course and we only use materials from the Institue for Supply Management. This means you will have the tools developed by the people who wrote the exams and when you use our approach, the probability of passing increases exponentially. We have the results to prove it!!!


No other CPSM Certification Review Course puts their reputation on the line with every candidate that attempts the exam after attending our course.


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Survey Results from Dallas Boot Camp

How Did the CPSM Boot Camp prepare you for the Exam?

"Helped put deadlines on reviewing the material and take the tests."    -- Jody "In every way; technique, knowledge, diet" -- Rob "It prepared by showing me how to focus on studying strategicly." -- Jared "The boot camp helped by illustrating real world examples through class discussion. Also the dignostic exams and Randy's ranking of my performance will help me focus time studying those areas which will provide the biggest boost to my score." -- Steve "Creating a study plan and spending time on the larger portions of the test has given me more confidence in my ability to pass the test." -- Kai "Comfort level with look and feel of exam type questions, provided a strategy/tips to improve my chances of success, organized study material by priority so I knew what the most important was to focus on." -- Ken   ---------------------------

The Results Are in From Our Las Vegas Boot Camp....

Drum Roll Please....

100% Pass Rate!!!

All participants who planned to take the test within 30 days of the CPSM Boot Camp passed all three exams.

You can do it too. Take a look at the comments from our alumni...

Comments From Our Participants Las Vegas Boot Camp in November 2011:

Why Do People Choose The CPSM Boot Camp? ....To "get over the hump" and push myself to make the final preparations, step up, and sit for the exam.  Essentially to finally make the commitment and take the examsThe Boot Camp provided an excellent thirty day plan to PASS the CPSM testing.  I've spent most of this year off and on reading the course textbooks and making no progress in my preparation.  It's now been almost thirty days since I took the Boot Camp challenge and I'll be taking the test next week.I was looking for a straightforward presentation of the material and ideas on how to approach the testing.The timing - I can deal with a quick, intense course better than dragging out the courses for weeks or months at a time.Compressed structured format that provided motivation and a plan of attackHow Did the CPSM Boot Camp Help People Prepare For The Exams?The test strategy is very helpful and the overall course helps me narrow down my weaknesses and point out what I need to study closerFirst, the Boot Camp provided a thirty day plan to successfully pass the CPSM testing.  The first weeks including preparation for the sample tests, a method to do further focused studying, more review, more testing.  A very complete, structured format was provided, along with a lot of resource materials.Randy powered through the material and highlighted areas to focus on, as well as give us the mental approach toward taking the exam itself.  By covering all of the material in a short span of time, my recollection was fresh as I test myself in the sample tests.  I feel that I have a much higher confidence level going in to the acual exams.We focused on targeted topics from the tests and learned test-taking strategy.  Plus it was good to hear about other people and industries' examples of what worked for them and how they applied the methods/strategies.  Also, the diagnostic exams are an excellent tool.Motivated me to read the books, take the diagnostics and schedule the exams within a finite window.  Otherwise I would continue to procrastinate.http://www.youtube.com/embed/S8I8x_sRX_0 Report #2 - 12/1/11 I wanted to let you know how our class is doing. Rebecca passed all three exams!!! Congratulations Rebecca, well done. Pamela has passed Exams 1 and 3. Great work Pamela. One more to go and you are all done. The rest of us were taking our exams over the next two weeks. ----------------------- Report #1 - 11/21/11 - 5 Days After The Boot Camp We have our first report from the field... "I successfully passed exam 1 on Saturday.  I'm not going to lie, it was rough....." - Rebecca Congratulations Rebecca !!! We knew you could do it and you proved us right.  We have every bit of confidence you are ready for Exams 2 & 3. Amazing results 3 days after CPSM Boot Camp - Las Vegas!!! As I receive reports from our Alumni, I will share the results with you.   http://www.youtube.com/embed/nlm2y8gELro   We have our first report from the field after CPSM Boot Camp - Orlando 26-28 August ..."Just passed .  450.  I am getting ready to take practice exam 2!  I am really testing my stamina...." - Jerry Congratulations Jerry!!! We knew you could do it and you proved us right.  We have every bit of confidence you have the stamina for Exams 2 & 3. To help illustrate the significance of this event, Jerry had less than a passing score the first time he took the diagnostic exam, then almost passed on his second diagnostic exam immediately after the Boot Camp... THEN HE PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS ON THE ACTUAL EXAM with 50 points to spare!!! Amazing results 2 days after CPSM Boot Camp - Orlando As I receive reports from our Alumni, I will share the results with you... Here are some other comments from people who attended the CPSM Boot Camp... The reason I attended the CPSM Boot Camp is ..."I was looking for a comprehensive preparation class that incorporated each of the CPSM exams. Due to my work schedule it was important to find a prep class that dealt with the entirety of the exam at one time." - Jared     "Restricted time and focused study - I felt this bootcamp helped me to organizae my study process to get the areas of focus covered." - HeatherHow did the CPSM Boot Camp prepare you for the CPSM Exams?"The CPSM Boot Camp's real value came in focusing our attention the important and relavant information covered by the CPSM exam. Knowing where and what to study allows you to develop a better focus of how to study."    " highlighted the areas to place the most focus, pointed out things to be aware of but not necessarily become an expert in and provided an understnading test taking techniques that could make the difference between passing and failing"How are the Instructors for the CPSM Boot Camp?"It is just so much information that it is difficult for one person to know everything. Randy was a great instructor, kept us all engaged and awake and provided a forum for good disussion and debate. Great learning environment."