Top 4 Reasons why You Should Work for Supply Management

07-01-16 04:26 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

We often take for granted the supply chain industry that connects everything to each other. Young professionals are so fixated by taking up courses that does not have anything to do with supply management. What they do not know is thata career in supply management is very promising.Supply management is not just about overseeing the supply and demand process of the materials. Through the aid of supply management, we are able to achieve technological advancements, easier way of life, and a sense of security.Supply chain is a term commonly used internationally.  According to theInstitute of Supply Management It encompasses every effort involved in producing and delivering the final products or service from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer. Being involved in the said process is a career in ensuring the whole world works.     Here are the top 6 reasons why you should work for supply management:4-reasons-to-work-in-supply-management
  1.    It is a fast growing industry
The supply chain is a fast growing industy. The industry is so large because it requires a cumulative effort to ensure that the raw materials and the finished product reach their required destination.Supply management involves different stages from the negotiation, production and delivery process reaching the manufacturer, retailer, consumers, etc. New and diverse opportunities are always there because global connections are constantly expanding in supply management.There are plenty of supply chain jobs and these jobs span a variety of sectors, such as working within the retail, engineering, energy, healthcare, public sector, manufacturing and many more.
  1.    Promising benefits
Are you aware that supply chain professionals who are Certified Professionals in Supply Management earn 8% more compared to those who do not have any supply chain certification? This is relatively unknown that supply chain jobs come with highly attractive salaries. Aside from the salary, you have an opportunity to travel a lot.
  1.    Career growth
It promises many opportunities for career development! Trainings and certification programs are available so you can further your career in the supply chain industry. Since employers search for people who are willing to develop their abilities and skills through courses, supply chain jobs offer significant upward movement according to the Institute of Supply Management.You will surely gain experience within the many sectors in supply chain be it in distribution, logistics, manufacturing etc. However, as a supply chain professional, there is a strong need for professional accountability.The supply management industry guarantees that you will be as successful as you want to be.
  1.    Gender Diversity
Women are currently under-represented in the supply chain industry, but the male and female ratio keeps getting better everyday. Employers are slowly realizing that they supply chain requires qualities that are associated with female workers. The soft skills of women are highly in demand in supply chain such as, attention to detail, multi-tasking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving etc.For more supply chain tips subscribe to Supply Leaders Academy monthly newsletter.  
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