Top 5 Benefits of Supply Management Certification

Randall Mauldin
09-08-11 10:43 AM Comment(s)
In order to analyze the full benefits of Certified Professional in Supply Management certification you should assess yourself as a marketable entity in the supply management industry, as well as the value it can have for your current supply management company. Every company has a supply chain, and the most competitive and resilient companies actively manage their supply chain with a strategic focus. Some studies suggest that a 2.5% decrease in cost creates the same amount of profit as a 10% increase in sales. Some companies only seek to hire certified professionals or may require certification before higher pay scales or new positions are offered.  Among some of the other benefits of CPSM certification for an employer include:
  • CPSM certified employees are more likely to produce quality work which demonstrates proper supply management strategies and a firm understanding of new technology as it relates to the profession.
  • CPSM certified employees are more likely to be able to work cooperatively in all facets of supply management.
  • CPSM certified professionals are more likely to possess the skills to make positive, accurate, and profitable decisions for companies as a whole.
CPSM certified professionals are always in demand.  There are some employers who will even cover the cost of testing or offer you compensation for your time as an incentive to get their employees to become certified.  There are no employers who could not benefit from hiring of CPSM certified professionals, and if your employer tells you it is insignificant for your career then you should consider the personal benefits of certification. While each of these benefits is for the greater good of an employment company, there is plenty to be gained on a personal level from CPSM certification.  Certification sets you apart from your peers and can act as a demonstration of your knowledge and passion for your profession. There are several personal benefits that a certified professional in supply management will have: ·         Solidifies the foundation of understanding for professionals in organizational supply management and enable managers to understand the implementations for certain procedures in supply management. ·         Firm understanding of current topics in supply management allows supply managers to implement and successfully create supply strategies for their companies. ·         Certification demonstrates further supply management qualification and communicates to employers that you are a well-qualified individual in the supply management industry. ·         According to the ISM salary survey, professionals who are CPSM certified can earn an average of 23% more annually over an individual who is uncertified. ·         The ability to further your understanding and demonstrate certification demonstrates you are a marketable asset to the supply management industry. If two people with identical work histories were applying for the same management position in a supply company, the applicant with the CPSM certification listed on their resume is much more likely to be hired.  The same occurs when you promote from within a set group of employees, the one who is certified will be seen as more marketable and valuable to the position over all others. CPSM certification is beneficial for both the company and the supply management professional.  Now that you have a basic understanding of what the CPSM exam is and how you can benefit from certification it is important to understand how the exam works and what you need to do to get certified. offers the most intense and effective preparation courses for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) exam offered by the Institute for Supply Management. Focused immersion provides participants with the knowledge to achieve results and pass the exams. For those who participate in the course, the content will immediately achieve cost savings for your organization because the concepts and techniques provide actionable information to improve your sourcing activities. Organizations developing a strategic sourcing program benefit from sending key personnel to this intense course  because the course will bring about cost saving changes in the near term and set the foundation for strategic thinking required for a synchronized supply chain.