Top 6 Accountability of Supply Chain Manager

06-29-16 04:28 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

What is the priority on the list of a Supply Manager’s role? What is its factual goal? To summarize and understand the role of a Supply Manager from previous article, we have known that its main goal is to make everything parallel and align to achieve a common task which is a suave and even chain reaction in an organization. One department must be in parallel with the other department whether it is on procedures, by-laws and financial facets. The accountability of a Supply Chain Manager may differ from one institution or business, but it has the same direct goal which is to bring good profit to the concern.  They should be very vigilant on the ever shifting modes with regards to strategy development, quality management and sales forecasting, for reason that everything evolves. They should be vigilant and watchful of the behaviour of global business trends. Supply Manager Account.. One responsibility a Supply Chain Manager that should be taken seriously and should be emphasize is the ability and the agility of solving unavoidable crisis. He/she must possess technical savvy and excellent business knowledge to approach matters regarding a business and or running an organization. Supply Manager must also possess good communication skills because they are constantly in communication with suppliers and they also work closely with all the department heads and other workforce that is included on the chain. The accountability of a supply chain manager about its job can be sum up into three parts. One, he/she must be accountable in planning the process involves to make a business, production run. They must have good logical and planning abilities to launch supply necessities. They must know how to evaluate the demand projections with the team and must be well aware on any manufacturing timetables with the production management group. They form supply programmes and dispose it to the members of the supply chain. They ensure that all essential supplies are available when needed so that the company can meet market demands. Second, he/she is accountable on managing the overall responsibility. Good and effective Management is one aptitude a supply chain manager must have. He must be well verse on the aspect of procurement , production and distribution management. Thirdly, he/she should be accountable in making every aspect of the business or an organization well-coordinated. Also, he/she must ensure that there is No overlapping of responsibilities must be experience. A precise and coordinated progression must be seen as he manages the whole procedure. The responsibility of  a Supply chain Manager is vast unlike department heads, for reasons, whoever aims for this role must possess the highest quality of decision making skills, negotiating skill and financial skill. This is not an easy job, one false move is a chain reaction, to prevent chaos and confusion, those who aim for this position must be responsible enough to face challenges and untoward crisis that a company will experience in the days to come. Participate in our 3-day Supply Management Training that will help you pass the CPSM Exam. Visit now
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