Training Employees In The Right Areas

Randall Mauldin
06-07-16 01:44 PM Comment(s)
youngpros6The human resources department is usually in charge of creating job descriptions and hiring the best candidates. During the screening process it may be impossible to verify the current skill level of specific areas. Many employees simply do not know what to do. There may be a specific area where they are guessing the right course of action. Daily unknowns can cost the company thousands of dollars in wasted time. Not having project completed on time can make the company appear unreliable. Employees may not want to ask too many questions or speak up about Here are some tips on training employees in the right areas. Some professional skills need to be updated due to changes in technology. Many professionals list qualifications on their resumes and are not actually tested when hired. If an employee does not know how to use a specific computer program, follow up on sales leads, or read internal company reports they may not speak up. Employees may find another employee or outsource parts of the job to freelancers to avoid losing their job. Some employees may try to find a book or an online course to help them with work responsibilities. Since this training may be general, it may not be effective enough to bring them up to the standards of the workplace. Test Factory has a great tool for uncovering employee strengths and weaknesses. Test results will reveal which areas more training is required. Having all employees take the tests, helps to not single out one individual. There may be areas where each team member excels. Online tests work to confirm these strong points. Make it easy for all employees to access the right information. This could be done by letting the employees know which areas they need to improve upon and making it clear how and when training will occur. Training an employee based strictly on what they need to know saves time. Extensive company trainings can cost several hundred or thousands of dollars per person. This could be an out of pocket expense, or calculated based on time spent away from paying clients and daily job responsibilities. Many companies have short independent training sessions that are done by employees leading up to a paid training event. Giving employees books, access to online classes, or designated classes during work hours are all good ways to add value to the company. Allowing time to study while at work is one way to ensure that family or personal responsibilities do not interfere. Online courses and books that are available in digital down load can be read through company servers or sent to digital devices. Hard copy books can be assigned to those that need to further their skills in that specific area. Everyone has a different learning style. This could be by reading, listening to audio, or watching presentations, or using a work book. Use online tests to empower employees to improve their skill set. Motivated people that do well in life are always advancing. These advancements usually come from taking action on knowledge that is gained through training, advice, or reading books. Use these tips to ensure that employees are being trained in the right areas.