War Veterans have a Future in Future in Supply Management

08-12-17 10:00 AM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

cpsm-cpsd-boot-camp-header-people-2Who says that CPSM is only for the young entrepreneurs or the young idealistic professionals? A great opportunity awaits for war veterans in this field. Unemployment of veterans though edge down is still a bit distressing, there are still a lot of them who remains jobless. The idea that they are not capable of doing tasks besides military work seems unfair. Looking at this dilemma, a former veteran himself Dr. Randall Mauldin of Supply Leader’s Academy got the idea of convincing war veterans to enroll in a Supply ManagementCertification program designed to help pass the CPSM Exam. CPSM program is not that difficult to comprehend, anybody who has knowledge in supply management is most welcome, those that possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing, without a degree is also welcome and those who has vast knowledge on Supply management or any related areas of the business are welcome to register. 11.23 - Veterans What’s good about training this kind of people?  Is that they are skilled, productive and reliable workers. The discipline they get from the military is one asset a company is looking for as employees. Yes, there is still a good future for these veterans; especially those who are familiar with logistics and supply are most welcome. What a great opportunity for the war veterans to avail this great opportunity. Dr. Randall Mauldin aims to help his fellow veteran to be still of great use. That is why a huge break awaits to those veterans who are in the field of Supply management. To give a good outlook of what these veterans will undergo after they enroll, they will be exposed to modules and discussions and online reviews about the foundation of Supply Management, how to be effective in this field and lastly how to be a good leader. The advantage of this curriculum is to institute groundwork of familiarity and awareness of what are the tasks of a supply management professionals. With this training, a war veteran will have a broad understanding of how to approach crisis, problems or situations in relation to procurement, logistics, and distribution of goods. They will be taught about the approaches on how to be a sought after procurement and supply manager. Online tutorials are also provided to these war veterans, to coach them more and be assured that they will pass the exam. These war heroes need to be supported and not be put aside, they have sacrificed to protect the country, then it is a must that companies and any veteran organization will support these people. By following the syllabus, these war veterans need to effectively learn implementation, innovation and supply strategies applicable for the entire organization. So now that you know that veterans are very much welcome, tell your friends about this. Share the good news and be happy to see your veteran friends go back to school. At the end of the CPSM Certification Boot Camp, they will be ready to carry out and make decisions based on a strong background in supply chain and understanding the organization’s supply operation and in the near future become part of the team of managers that take a hands-on role in strategic planning and cost savings initiatives. This is really good news for war veterans, a bright future awaits them besides bringing rifles and go to war. A good amount of salary awaits them when they pass the CPSM Exam, so, to all war veterans out there, you still have a big chance to turn your life 180 degrees. Register now and be trained to pass the CPSM Exam.
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