Who’s who: Game of Thrones Characters in Supply Chain

06-15-16 04:32 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

 Almost everyone is watching Game of Thrones may it be an ordinary person, supply chain professional, high-ranking government officials, students or even your parents. What if we tell you that we can compare your favorite Game of Thrones character to a supply chain position? Just imagine your favorite character having a major role in a supply chain business.   Lord Ned Stark as the Supply Chain Director0-XMD_iSH2zGHPVjNr The Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North can fulfill the role of a Supply Chain Director. Why a Supply Chain Director? Just like a supply chain director, Ned Stark is loved and respected by his people. He is characterized as kind, loyal, thoughtful and is always thinking about the benefit of his people. What Ned Stark or the Supply Chain Director says, everyone will follow the task at hand without any complaint.   Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen as the Production Planning Manager14299512767216 The princess of the House of Targaryen suits as a Production Planning Manager. She is excellent at influencing people even confronted with stress and a lot of difficulties. Admit it, most of us hate it when there is a revision in the factory. As a production planning manager, one must be able to convince people and get them on board the new plan. Daenerys can get the team to respond quickly to the new plan with his convincing powers.  Jon Snow as the Warehouse ManagerJon_The_Dance_of_Dragons Jon Snow is bastard son of Lord Ned Stark and he can be a great Warehouse Manager. He is very patient and a good protector. He is good at protecting things and is devoted to it once the responsibility is vested upon his shoulders. As a Warehouse Manager it is expected that you will be able to protect the warehouse from danger like bad cycle count result, hazardous stock safety, forklift accident, low stock accuracy and a lot more.   Tyrion Lannister as the Distribution ManagerTyrion-Lannister-house-lannister-36908691-3280-4928  The Acting Hand of the King, Master of Coin and the Lord of Casterly Rock and the youngest child of Lord Tywin Lannister fits as a Distribution Manager. They call him as an Imp with a brilliant mind. Commonly underestimated by the people around him. He can be a good Distribution Planner because he is very persuasive and he can communicate effectively with the customers in case of any possible problems. He is also an excellent planner. He has the capacity of preventing problems and has the ability to guess results.   Petyr Baelish as the Logistics SpecialistLittlefinger_2 The Littlefinger as what they call him is a good candidate for the Logistics Specialist position. He has the capacity to understand and deal with different cultures. As a logistics specialist you are expected to become well-versed in the traditions and customs of other countries because you have the responsibility to get materials from all over the world. Littlefinger is excellent at seeing the big picture and using the information perfectly to his own benefit.   By: Art of Supply Chain  
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