Best Wireless Routers for Large Home

03-28-17 10:05 AM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Today, every household`s broadband connection requires a wireless router which helps in connecting mobile devices and laptops.  Without a wireless router, accessing internet would become very pesky since either one will have to use an Ethernet cable to connect with the laptop while mobile users will have to get hectic mobile recharges done. This becomes more important in large homes where the number of user range between 10-12 and everyone has to use the internet.

Best Wireless Routers 2017 Reviews:

So here we sort out top and best wireless routers for large home that come with stupendous and powerful processors and connectivity. Many users want to upgrade their old routers to avoid further charges, but this isn`t applicable to all routers. Moreover the speed, connectivity will be affected to great extent. So it is best to purchase a powerful wireless router. wireless routers under 100 Here are some top picks:
  1. TP Link AC3200 Wireless router- the best part of this wireless router is that it has six antennas for three networks. The idea behind giving three antennas to this router was to deal with a situation where there would be multiple networks computers, and mobile phones trying to connect with the router. Six antennas give all the users perfect speed and connectivity. Moreover, it has 5 Ghz band supporting the 802.11ac, so when a large data transfer on one network is running, the other networks run smoothly well at top speed. The device`s Smart Wifi Tech feature picks the most suitable frequency band to assign various devices of your network.
  1. LinksysEA9500 Max Stream- with 5.3 GBPS speed compatible, the device is MU-MIMO compatible. They call it as a “multi- antenna monster” for being there with plethora of features like dual core CPU, beamforming and massive eight antennas.
The best feature of this wireless router is the “ Smart- Connect” feature which lets a user assign separate SSIDs. Similarly the two 5GHz band allows for perfect gaming at one side along with media stream and other professional work. Together, the device adds up to 5.3 GBPS. In a nutshell, an easy setup, multiple antenna system, MU-MIMO feature and seamless roaming are some exceptional features which make it a worth investment product
  1. Asus RT-AC88U- going by the technical features of the device, undoubtedly it gives the best wireless performance in large areas. The reason being it is been features with 4x4 1024-QAM processor which is the most powerful processor loaded in any router. Coming up with four antennas and the NitroQAM technology, which pushes the speed immensely, enables a scintillating wireless performance that even beats up the 1GB/sec limit. However, there is a minor catch in this.
To get fast speed, you need to invest in the NitroQAM adapter technology like the ASUS PCE-AC88. Coupled with a comprehensive software interface, and coming with a general array of eight exit external LAN port, and giving the 100MB/sec space, the router stands truly above all others. If one looks at the specs and price, then this is the perfect router for large homes. Since it comes laden with four antennas, covering a large area won`t be a difficult task.
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