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I created this course based on the system I followed to gain my procurement certification.

In 2010, I was transitioning out of military service and was focusing on finding an occupation, so there was little time to dedicate to studying for certification.   

 I understood that a CPSM certificate under my belt would speak to my experience and credentials in logistics and supply chain management earned in the military.  Obtaining a CPSM certification would tell the world that I was a quality supply chain leader, which is a significant achievement for anyone in supply chain management. 

 For that reason I developed a system to help others with no time to quickly earn CPSM certification.


In organizing and creating this course, I was determined to help make certification as easy as possible for everyone.
As a result, we have developed an all-inclusive program that gives you everything you need to pass the CPSM Certification Exams, the first time! 

Our boot camp presents the effective and intense study methods required to pass all 3 exams required for certification.  Utilizing the techniques and study methods explored in the course, the goal is to make passing easier and faster than traditional approaches.
The online program presents to you the the full curriculum of supply management content and explains  the preparation strategy for the CPSM exams which we instruct and teach each of our attendees at the Boot Camp.

When you enroll in the all-inclusive package, you get both the live training and online program, so your only choice is to successfully earn procurement certification when you pass the CPSM Certification Exams within 90 days. 

As a result, you become the successful and valuable professional sought by employers all over the world. 
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Experience = Success

When you join our supply management training program, you will master procurement fundamentals, learn leadership skills, and develop strategic planning skills required to transform from a tactical purchasing agent to a strategic sourcing adviser.

The opportunities of our supply management training program further your career with procurement basics, leadership training, strategy development and professional certification.

Since 2010, we’ve helped people, just like you, pass the Certified Professional in Supply Management Certification Exams with our training courses focused on the most critical concepts in supply management. Plus, effective exams strategies to help people pass the exams the first time. Our methods are so effective that we guarantee you will pass or we pay the reexam fees (less than 10% of our clients asked us to pay the reexam fees)!

We’ve learned many things over the last five years, and as a result, we’ve redesigned our supply management training program to be more than a review course for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) Certification.

It's everything you need to be a Strategic Sourcing Adviser for your company or as a consultant.

Our experience tells us the amount of information is overwhelming to most people who don't follow a program, like this one.

Additionally, we know there is a lack of leadership development in procurement training programs, so you have a hard time getting your ideas heard by the right people to implement strategic sourcing strategies. Thus, we added a leadership development program. Furthermore, even though many programs talked about strategy, none of the programs give you training in how to develop plan in a way that prioritizes efforts and creates communication strategies to present ideas to stakeholders within your company, our program does that

Based on this experience, you will register for a complete package focused on the 14 components of supply chain management, strategic planning skills required for transformation, and leadership skills necessary to influence key stakeholders. Your value increases beyond your competition.

When you join our training, you will become a strategic sourcing advisor moving out of the back-room and into the boardroom of your organization. Remember, Tom Peters from Rockline Industries tells us how his company has realized such a benefit of a professional supply management group that all executives-in-training much spend two years in the strategic sourcing group as part of their executive development.

Plus, you have the potential to earn a higher salary than your peers. The Institute for Supply Management annual salary survey has consistently shown CPSM Certified professionals make 8-10% more than their uncertified peers.

Your Instructor

"Hello! My name is Randy Mauldin, president of Jack Quinn Solutions and the founder of Supply Leaders Academy. As a Service Disabled Veteran with 20 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps, I know how to train people to accomplish the mission.

Having worked my way up through the ranks from enlisted to officer, I know "Failure is never an option," which is why our programs focus on developing you as a strategic sourcing advisor.

Our programs not only give you actionable skills, but also prepares you for professional certification that you can use to get better opportunities."

Dr. Randall Mauldin, USMC (ret.), CPSM, PMP

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"The CPSM Certification has helped me achieve a professional designation that has not only increase my professional credibility, but also increased my salary and assured my position at the company. Additionally, my company has achieved significant cost savings as a result of my implementing the concepts learned in the CPSM Certification training. I highly recommend that all supply chain professionals seek out certification to highlight their professionalism in this growing career field."

ana hernandez

"I am very pleased with the knowledge I acquired not only to complete my test but be able to sell improvements affecting our bottom line with the different analysis I learn, I can tell all my suggestions have been accepted, we are finally looking ways differently"

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Transform your purchasing into strategic sourcing, so your company makes more profit with predictable procurement. The result of our programs is a professionally certified supply chain professionals to act as a strategic sourcing adviser for your organization.

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Hi, I'm Randy Mauldin. For the last ten years, I've helped procurement professionals transform their careers.

Most professionals who join our program do so because they are frustrated with their careers.

The bottom-line, I help transform your procurement skills, so companies make more profit with strategic sourcing.

If you're interested in learning more, my contact information is below. Reach out to me, and let's connect!