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CPSM Exam 3 - Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management

Get all the training you need to study for and pass 

Exam 3, Leadership n Transformation in Supply Management, 

of the globally recognized CPSM certification. 

Learn the core fundamentals of supply management so you can function in procurement or purchasing to source materials for your organization

Results are guaranteed, so if you are not successful on the first attempt, we will pay the re-exam fees for the second attempt. 

Program is self-paced, so you can begin anytime. Review your schedule to decide when the best time is to start the program. 

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Here's what you'll Learn:

 Master the skills: required of procurement professionals to build consensus and support to transform procurement to strategic sourcing.

 Focus on the most important knowledge: strategy development, stakeholder engagement, people development &  coaching, systems capability & technology, risk & compliance, corporate social responsibility &          ethics

 Participate in an interactive boot camp: with surveys, quizzes, case studies, and workbooks.

 14 Hours of Content for CEHs : 9 Hours of Live Webinar Presentations & 5 Hours of E-Learning Content 

 Training prepares you for Exam 3 : of the Certified Professional in Supply Management Certification from the Institute for Supply Management.

Individual Exam CPSM Learning System Included for ISM Members

Included With Your Investment 
  • Virtual Boot Camp for Exam 1, Supply Management Core
  • Leadership and Transformation Task Specific Training 
  • 12-Month Online Access to training platform
  • Certification Coaching 
  • Career Coaching
  • Pass Guarantee

Learning Objectives Taught During Live Virtual Training...

  • Participate in organization-wide objective setting
  • Participate in organization-wide budgeting 
  • Develop, implement, revise and support business plans and operating policies and procedures
  • Develop and evaluate supply management relationships with internal departments
  • Lead or participate in cross-functional and/or multifunctional teams
  • Market the value of strategic sourcing and sourcing strategies and initiatives to management and internal stakeholders
  • Evaluate the supply management organizational structure and modify as necessary in order to achieve the optimal structure
  • Develop criteria for evaluating the overall supply management department performance
  • Hire, develop, retain, promote and/or dismiss supply management personnel
  • Conduct ongoing research of the market, current competition, company imperatives, recent trends and emerging capabilities that will provide competitive advantage
  • Implement a risk management program
  • Develop risk mitigation plans that align with organizational risk tolerance
  • Develop tools and processes to measure, report and improve compliance with supply management policiesand regulations
  • Develop and implement a code of business conduct for the supply management function
  • Develop and/or implement a supplier diversity program
  • Establish and monitor programs for sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Incorporate the use of technology-driven processes to analyze data and make more informed business decisions
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Included With Your Investment 
  • Virtual Boot Camp for Exam 3, Leadership and Training in Supply Management
  • Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management Task Specific Training
  • 12-Month Online Access to training platform
  • Certification Coaching 
  • Career Coaching
  • Pass Guarantee

About The Instructor

Randy has helped provided training to help 1000's of supply chain professionals use strategic sourcing as a capability to earn more profits from procurement functions. Learn more about Dr. Mauldin on LinkedIn