Self-Paced Program, so Start Anytime

  • The program is self-paced delivered virtually, so you may start the training anytime. 
  • An individual quote is required for your application, so click here to request a quote.
  • For your application, your start date must be no ealier than 45 days from the date of application submission. 
  • Once the training begins, a participant has access to all the materials for 12 months. 
  • Extensions are available upon request.

Soldiers Who Need A Quote For Army Ignited Credential Assistance Funding

For soldiers who need a quote for your application to get funding through the Army Ignited Program Credential Assistance Program, you need a custom quote with your nameA screen shot from this page will not be sufficient.

To get a quote, click here->>> 

We will respond within 24 hours to send you a custom quote for your application. If you don't receive the quote, check your SPAM folder or call 877-680-0494 to speak with our customer service representatives.