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  • The program is self-paced delivered virtually, so you may start the training anytime. 
  • Designated start dates are provided to help people coordinate their schedule. 
  • We can adjust the start date based on the needs of the individual.
  • For your application, do not request a start date any ealier than 6 weeks from the date you submit you application to Army Ignited. 
  • Once the training begins, a participant has access to all the materials for 12 months. 
  • Extensions are available upon request.

july 4, 2022

august 1, 2022

september 5, 2022

october 3, 2022

The program begins every month, so review your work load and family schedule to decide when is the best time to start

Once you've selected a start date, enroll in the program so we can get you set up in the training portal and ship your training materials.

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