CPSM Learning System (Print)

The learning system includes study materials for all three CPSM Exams and is a requirement to participate in our CPSM Certification Training Programs

The CPSM Learning System (Print) includes 
ALL the books you need for 
ALL THREE CPSM EXAMs in one bundle

The print version is only sold as a bundle, so you purchase the learning system for all three exams when you begin preparing for the certification. You will use different parts of the system for each training program.

CPSM Learning System (Print)

The CPSM Learning System (Print) will provide seven (7) books:

Study Guide (3 volume set)

The study guides are the foundation material for your preparation. The set includes three (3) study guides: CPSM Exam 1 - Supply Management Core, CPSM Exam 2 - Supply Management Integration, & CPSM Exam 3 - Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management. Each book is an expanded outline of the exam content, with definitions and fundamental terms, for each exam. 

ISM Professional Series (3 volume set)

The professional series is the in-depth explanation of the concepts of the CPSM Certification cirricculum. The set includes three (3) books: Supply Management Core, Supply Management Integration, and Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management. Each book dives deep into the concepts of supply management for each exam. 

Diagnostic practice exams (1 book) 

The Diagnostic Practice Exam is a one (1) book that contains a diagnostic test for each exam. Each practice exams test yous knowledge about each exam to find where you need to focus your study efforts. 

include instructions for how to align the results from the diagnostic practice exams to the appropriate study materials.

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