10 Steps of a Compelling Sales Page

Randall Mauldin
10-05-16 01:51 PM Comment(s)
recruit-paper-icon-greyHeres your strategy tip or client attraction, how to get you more clients and leverage you and clone you and make you more money so you can make more money, be more successful, grow your business while working less. About the idea of cloning you - This is what I share with my clients who have gotten to the point that theyre at full practice capacity and now they cant make more money or get more clients because they are at full capacity. One of the concepts that I share with them is about cloning you. If you have enough clients and you cant make more money because you have no more time and theres no more you to go around, the way that you make more money is to multiply yourself. One of the things that is instrumental and has been instrumental in my business and in the lives and businesses of my clients and students is about creating products and sharing your information more on a passive level or a leverage level. Perhaps that means creating products, information products, seminars, courses and taking your knowledge and taking everything thats in here and putting it down on paper or teaching it to groups as opposed to one-to-one. That is when you start really multiplying your income in your business. It doesnt matter what you do for a living. Theres a lot that you can do either delivering that information one-to-many or training others on your process of how you get results with your clients so they can do it for you. You still get paid, they get paid and the client receives the information. The question that always comes up is how do you sell this information? In the information marketing world and the information marketing world, I belong to it and you might too, its basically you are selling advice. In the selling advice world, there is something called the sales letter. There are some people that believe that anything can be sold with a really good sales letter but when I first started writing sales letters, I had no idea what I was doing. Then over time I got really good at it and then I stumbled upon a formula online that I want to share with you. I want to give you some pieces of it. The formula is longer and the longer version I share with my Platinum clients but I want to share just the fundamentals with you so that you can start creating a sales letter that works for you to get your message out there. Listen, even if youre still looking for one-to-one clients, this is going to work for you. Heres the first step of the sales letter system. The first step is to get their attention. Youve got to get their attention with a bold comment or a promise or something like that. Number 2 is identify the problem. Youve got to be really clear about what their problem is so that Number 3, you can provide the solution that your prospects are looking for. Massively important. Number 4, present your credentials. Youve got to earn the right to be the solution provider. If you dont have a before and after story, if youre not the expert on something, they wont trust you. And trust is everything in marketing! Write that down. Trust is everything in marketing. Number 5, show the benefits. How will this change their life? How will it make them more money? How will it grow their hair or whatever youre offering? Number 6, share social proof. Youve really got to give social proof about what the results are. Social proof is really testimonials, how other people are experiencing results using your system, your product, your service because they will believe the testimonials even more than they will believe you. You can talk till youre blue in the face about the results theyll get. The others will have more credibility so give them all that credibility through social proof. Number 7, make your offer. Remember, if you dont make your offer, you dont close the sale so its really important to make your offer and have it be crystal clear. Number eight, provide a guarantee, especially if youre selling something or offering something online, there are a lot of shysters out there. You and me are different. We provide stuff that has high integrity, high value and we are caring people but other people on the internet are not necessarily doing that. This is why its important to provide a guarantee and its called risk reversal so all the risk is on you and they can feel comfortable taking action on your service, product or system. Number nine, inject scarcity. That is an internet marketing term that shares the concept of if you just make it available for a long, long time, people will say, You know what? Maybe Ill buy that in six months. No! You want them to buy today so you want to give them some juicy bonuses or some deadlines or things like that to get them to buy today. Finally, a call to action. Ask them to take action right now. Do you know those infomercials that say, Pick up the phone and call now. If you call now within the first 10 minutes, blah, blah, blah. The key is to have them take action today. This may seem like a lengthy process but actually its part of the psychology of sales. Sales is good. Sales is actually moving the prospect beyond their resistance into doing the thing that will get their life to be better and thats by working with you. I hope you enjoy these 10 steps of the successful sales letter system. I know Ive been using it for years. Youve got to do this authentically though. You cannot do this if youre trying to scam someone. Okay? I dont want to hear that. This is all about loving your prospects and doing things authentically. This will get you more clients and make you more money in your business and it will help you clone and scale and leverage yourself.