4 Ways to Expand your Career Opportunities

Randall Mauldin
09-21-15 06:22 PM Comment(s)
Are you stuck in your job? This article will teach you 4 ways so you can expand your career opportunities.Companies often provide a positive environment for their employees and as a result, their employees exhibit better performance, morale and increased productivity. Despite such positive working environment, employees still develop some discontent since they do not want to do the same job for decades and are constantly looking for a career growth that will yield of a better pay, promotion and opportunity.Sadly, not all businesses are interested in expanding every employee’s career path. Instead of depending solely on your company, you may consider expanding your career with your own initiative.Here are some tips on how you may expand your career:   Expand Career infoExamine your goalsTake time to examine and be honest with yourself. Try asking yourself what do you want to achieve. What do you want to achieve 5 years from now, and to assess whether your are progressive in your goals you may create immediate, mid-term and long-term timeframes.Education opens doorsConstantly examine your prospects from time to time. Continually assess whether you need to acquire a new skill in order for you to become more efficient at work.Continuing EducationIt is undeniable that a Masters Degree or Certification is critical in today’s employment. Continuing education is regarded as one of the most effective and proven ways that may help you expand your career.It is advisable that while you are working, you should obtain a post-graduate degree or a professional certification. Meanwhile, if you have a tight budget, you may brush up your technical skills like learning how to use Photoshop.There are various educational platforms to choose from, such as enrolling in a community college, joining trainings or certificate courses, and participating in anonline course.Study a New LanguageIf working in a foreign country is part of your plan, then you should learn a foreign language. Moreover, there is a high demand among multinational companies in the United States for workers who speak more than one language. The supply chain, health care and public services industry are keen in finding multi-lingual professionals.The best way to learn another language is through full immersion, going where that language is spoken and living among those people. Some companies will pay for their employees to work abroad for a year or two, especially if they want to set up a strategic presence in that other country. Otherwise, international schools are always looking for qualified native English speakers to teach its students. A year abroad may offer you the experience of a lifetime, and you will return with a new perspective and some valuable new skills.Start your Own BusinessHave you been working for more than 10 years? It is due time that you start your own consultancy business. Setting up your consultancy firm is not that expensive. In fact, you may establish your office at your house. Jack Quinn Solutions LLC, has published a guide on How to build your own consultancy firm.You can get your own consultancy ebook atwww.cpsmtraining.com or you may call 1-877-680-0494