Building a career in supply chain is easier when you establish the right building blocks

04-04-15 04:23 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Professionals who want to become part of the supply chain industry are always in search of how they can secure a position in the supply chain industry. Oftentimes, they are confronted with these questions: what credentials should they possess, what type of company should they target, do they need to get a special course and so on. Cheryl D’Cruz-Young, managing partner and director of Diversified Search shared to Supply Leaders’ Academy her experiences on how she got a position in the supply chain. Young made her way to the supply chain industry in the early 90’s wherein the supply chain industry was just a blank sheet of paper in terms of opportunity. She enjoyed the analytical aspect of the supply chain and from then on, she wanted to make a career in supply chain management. She worked in Europe for a couple of years then had an opportunity to work in the United States. Young shared that if you want to succeed and stay long in the supply chain management industry, you must plan your career wisely by focusing on the building blocks that is beneficial to a career in supply chain management and the kind of organization you intend to work with. In order for a professional to progress in supply chain, they need to examine whether they are moulding up the correct building blocks. Moreover, Young shared that opportunities in the supply chain are broad especially for the graduates from business school or graduate school. They are even considered as one of the best candidates that can land a career in the supply chain at the entry level or at the earlier mid-career stage. From a kind of early stage career, she suggests that it’s a terrific area to get cross-functional experience. So individuals in finance or in marketing who want to just gain exposure to supply chain management have a strong chance in supply chain. Right now, people are looking for leaders and not just professionals who can process purchase orders. Young’s advice to aspiring supply chain professionals is to gain as much breadth as well as depth of experience as you can in the early stage of your career. Do not take any particular strain and become a specialist too early on. This is the reason why you should learn an in-depth experience on management especially on the shop floor experience and the front line experience. Material management is another aspect, which is crucial to an organization. Cheryl Young Individuals who have supply chain experience are very much in demand, and it’s increasingly with the global world. The supply chain industry is promising and as early as now, professionals must build their own careers based on experience and credentials. Find out more about what Cheryl D’Cruz-Young has to say about the supply chain industry and what moves you should take in order for you to get a promising career in the supply chain industry. For more details visit or call 877-680-0494 today.
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