Business Success Training: The Passion, Fulfillment, Success Equation

Randall Mauldin
08-04-16 03:31 PM Comment(s)
shakehandsIf you have ever had any a href=http://www.ProjectMarketer.combusiness success training/a, you may have heard a ton of talk about passion when choosing your career or business. You may also wonder why passion is important. Sure, its nice to enjoy what you do, but how does passion for what youre doing result in overall success? I personally do not see why this has to be explained, but I feel the need to write about it due to having so many encounters with friends and family who are not happy with their current careers or business decisions. To understand why a passion for what you are doing is so important lets look at my 3-part business success training equation... Passion = Fullfillment = Success Part One: Passion = Fulfillment Passion, as defined by Merriam Webster, is ardent affection, love, a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. Think about what happens when you are doing something you love to do; youre focused on it, right? Even when things dont work out like you hope they would, you enjoy the process, learn from your mistakes and keep trying. It leaves you satisfied. This process is fulfilling. Part 2: Passion = Success This part needs to be broken down into 5 smaller parts. When youre passionate about something - your job, business, or career, many things happen to you... 1) You Work Harder - youre devoted to and invested in the goal and success. 2) You Work Smarter - your creative mind is engaged and youre able to engage in creative problem solving. 3) You Are Better Focused - studies have proven that when we enjoy what we do, were not easily distracted. Thus, procrastination does not become an issue and we can stay focused for extended periods of time. 4) You Tend To Set Bigger Goals - we love to challenge ourselves when we enjoy what were doing. For example, if you love running youre going to set bigger goals, maybe a marathon, for yourself than you will if you detest the sport. 5) You Attract Helpful People: People tend to come into your life to help you achieve your goals. People are naturally attracted to others who are passionate about what theyre doing. Its contagious and we want some of that energy; we want to be part of something positive. When youre passionate about your business, youll draw opportunities that will help you succeed. Part Three: Fulfillment = Success You may also, if youre passionate about your job and are fulfilled by it, define success differently than those who are not fulfilled by their job. You may define success as merely achieving your goals, whereas people who arent fulfilled in their jobs, people who dont feel great passion and satisfaction for what they do, may define success in more material terms. It becomes more about money than achievement and satisfaction. The Final Equation: Passion = Fulfillment = Success Its a beautiful equation, isnt it? The interesting thing is that it doesnt work backwards. You dont often find people who achieve success first and are then fulfilled and passionate about their job. Generally, passion for something evolves into a sense of fulfillment, which creates success.