CPSM Certification -What?

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CPSM Certification - What Is The CPSM Certification?

The CPSM Certification exam is an acronym for the Certified Professional in Supply Management Certification exam. The CPSM certification is an internationally recognized reflection of expanded knowledge, skills, and the abilities needed to be a successful supply management professional. This professional qualifications exam, overseen by the Institute of Supply Management, is used to ensure that a professional is aware of the complexities of supply management positions and new developments in the supply environment. The exam will include risk factors for supply managers, technology developments, sourcing concepts, as well as other skills that are considered crucial to successful supply management professionals both now and in the future.

CPSM Certification Criteria for Exam Qualification

To ensure the dedication of individuals who may become certified there are certain criteria that must be met before anyone can take the CPSM certification exam. The CPSM certification criteria are in place to ensure that professionals who are interested in taking the exam are experienced and have a vested interest in the supply management industry. Additionally, it is important for future employers who recognize CPSM certification on a resume as an understanding that there are certain qualifications that must be met before certification can even be considered, and that an individual who is CPSM certified is a professional. For that reason, CPSM certification is even more valuable asset to have in your resume.

In order to sign up for the CPSM certification exam the following requirements must be validated:

Three years of full-time supply management experience is required. Clerical and support positions do not qualify as supply management experience.Verification of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution or international equivalent. A passing score on 3 CPSM exams or a current Certified Professional Manager in good standing are permitted to take the Bridge exam There are no exceptions to the requirements of exam qualification as they are used to gauge the level of understanding of each test taker.

Re-certification of CPSM credentials

Once earned, you have will need to re-certify every three years. The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) requires that re-certification be accomplished by 60 credit hours of continuing education over a three year period. These continuing education credits can come from any of the following sources:

College courses (in which you are the student or the instructor)

Professionally recognized contributions

Successful completion of the CPSM certification exam

Re-certification may be required per your employer. Some companies will reimburse you for your re-certification courses and CPSM certification exam, contact your Human Resources department for more information.

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CPSM certification

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