Create A Driving And Truck Safety Manual For Your Food Truck Business

Randall Mauldin
01-20-12 03:03 PM Comment(s)
By Lawrence Reaves If you are the owner of a food truck business, establishing a driving safety manual for your employees is just as important as a food safety manual. When you or your employees are behind the wheel of your food truck you are in control of not only your own lives but the safety of your entire company. The responsibilities you are bestowing on the drivers of your food truck business are great and you should establish a training program that will help them understand the importance of their job. Here are a few basic driving safety tips to help you get started creating your food truck driving safety program. Maintaining your vehicle and your self are both very important to creating a safe operating environment. Proper rest and nutrition are very important in keeping a driver alert and ready to react to any unavoidable road dangers. You do not want someone behind the wheel of your food truck who has not had a good nights sleep. A no tolerance policy for driving under the influence should also be explained to all new employees. Once you know that your drivers are well taken care of you should turn your attentions to your food truck. Remember, the food truck is your restaurant on wheels, without it you do not have a business. Make sure you have all regular maintenance taken care of. Oil changes and brake inspections will help extend the life of your truck and keep you, your employees and your investment safe. After all inspections are done and you know your truck and drivers are ready to hit the road it is good to establish a few guidelines and reminders for safe driving. Your food truck is likely larger than the vehicles you are used to driving. Most food trucks are larger than consumer cars. The visibility from these trucks can often be difficult and you will likely have at least 2 blind spots. Make anyone who is driving your truck aware of the vehicles blind spots and remind them to stay alert while they are on the road and remain vigilant about checking for vehicles that may be entering the blind spots. Work zones are another dangerous spot for drivers of trucks. Drivers sometimes forget how large their vehicle is or how far out their mirrors reach. If you approach a work zone make sure you go no faster than the posted work zone speed limit. Also, you should plan for sudden road obstructions by never following to close to the car in front of you. You will be held accountable for running into the back of another vehicle even if they are the ones who stopped suddenly. Finally, even when you have taken all the proper precautions and instituted safe driving policies, accidents can still happen. To ensure the safety of your food truck driver and staff you should require all employees wear seat belts to help prevent serious injury in the event of a crash. In addition to wearing seat belts, properly storing all food, cooking, and other supplies in locked storage while the truck is in motion will eliminate the chance of injury by a flying object during an accident, and will prevent further truck damage as well. Visit a href= Concessions online/a for more information about food trucks and trailers. They customize everything to the needs of each customer. Find them online at a href=