Get a “YES” every time you negotiate

Randall Mauldin
07-07-15 07:38 PM Comment(s)
  We use our negotiation skills everyday. In fact, we started to harness our negotiation skill even as a kid. Do you still remember the moment when you convinced your mom to buy you a toy? Our skills in negotiation gradually improved when we reached our adulthood. In conducting business transactions, negotiation skills are very important because it can either make or break a deal. If you want to get a “yes” every time you negotiate, you should learn the following tactics:   Get a yes every time you negotiateListen before you present your side Listening builds trust and confidence in negotiation. When you listen, you will learn what the other party wants. When you get what he or she wants, repeat what you have understood to the other party. This will give the other party a reassurance that you have understood what he or she wants. As you listen, do not forget to create a mind map on how you will address what the other party wants. A win-win solution is highly recommended in addressing issues of the other party.   Create a Win-Win Outcome After listening to the other party, try to create a win-win solution. A win-win solution is defined as a situation, solution, or compromise benefiting all the parties involved. Remember that a win-win negotiator achieves more success compared to those who do not offer any bargaining deal.   Be an Optimist Are you familiar with the law of attraction? The law of attraction suggests to visualize things that you want to happen, and when you do this, positive results will surely come. Thus, when you negotiate, always expect more so you will receive more. Your optimism can lead you to any place, but a low expectation will probably drag you down causing your negotiation to fail.   Do not hurry Develop patience. If you rush things, you will probably make more mistakes and drain money easily. Remember that in negotiations, whoever offers more flexible time has the advantage. When you exhibit patience, other negotiators will that you are not pressured to close the deal and as a result they offer you concessions as a means of giving you with your much awaited “yes”.  Do not take the other party’s behavior personally The reason why most negotiation fail is due to the fact that one or both of the parties are sidetracked from the deal due to personal issues. Obsessing over the personality of the other negotiator would only sabotage the negotiation process. So, if the other party is difficult to deal with, do not take it personally instead try to understand their behavior.   Do a lot of research Before meeting the other party in a negotiation, gather a lot of pertinent information. Doing your homework is vital to the success of the negotiation. You can create accurate decisions once you have a grasp of their history, their wants, and needs. The more information you can collect, the better the outcome will be. When you negotiate with your client soon, use these tactics so you can get a "yes"! Get more supply chain tips by visiting or call 877-680-0494!