Getting Great Interviews Using an Entrepreneurial Job Search

Randall Mauldin
01-18-12 07:22 PM Comment(s)
By Julie Austin Everyone would like to not only have a job they enjoy, but also a financially rewarding one as well. Unfortunately, the job market is overcrowded right now. So how can you stand out from the crowd and get interviews with the best companies? The best way to do this is through a technique and job seeking philosophy called Entrepreneurial Job Search. Here is the basic concept. You as a person, are not merely an employee, but a business. Your education is an investment in the company of you. Your job history is your companys success and growth statistics. In short, you are your own greatest asset and you have a lot to give any business that needs your services. At first this might sound like the babblings of a second rate self-help guru, but it isnt. Studies show that hiring managers very much appreciate and are more likely to hire candidates who clearly take pride in themselves and their work. If you hold to the philosophy that your career must be run like a business and that you personally are a money-making company, then your attitude will be different. The first step to implementing this philosophy into your own job search is to take a realistic stock of your companys assets. What is your education? Experience? Background? Specialized training? Research and find out exactly what the medium range of payment for the services you can provide is. Second, be assertive when applying for jobs. Dont just look online, find a job opening, slap a resume on and email and hope for the best. Call the hiring manager of the company, explain that you are interested in the position youve seen listed, and point blank ask for an interview. This may seem a little forward, but let them know you are applying for an interview, not just for their computer to send your resume into the land of forgotten applications. After youve submitted your application, follow it up with an email stating that you sent your application and are very much looking forward to talking to the hiring manager. Is this aggressive? Yes. But it is also how businesses do business with each other. In the entrepreneurial job search philosophy, you are a company looking to merge with another company to the mutual benefit of both. The entrepreneurial job search concept can be harder for those of us with shyer and more polite temperaments. But keep in mind that you want to communicate that you are energetic, capable, and on top of your game. You dont need to be demanding or arrogant, and you should go out of your way to be cooperative, but you also need to show spunk and determination. This is your career we are talking about. It is perfectly okay to carry yourself with energy and pride when seeking a new position. Show the hiring manager the right combination of qualification, reasonable financial expectation, and enthusiasm, and you are almost certain to get the interview, and the job! Julie Austin doesnt just teach entrepreneurism, shes lived it from the ground up. Shes dedicated to helping others become employed for life by using the techniques entrepreneurs have known about for years. a href=http://www.funjobfairs.com