How to become an in demand supply chain professional

03-01-16 05:12 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Procurement is considered as one of the top employment sectors today. This situation is brought about by the slow but steady economy. Procurement professionals are very in demand not only in the United States of America, but across the globe. According to Oxford College of Procurement, majority of the companies have finally realized the importance of a procurement team which they consider as the heart of their survival through and post the tough economic climate. Companies such as Nestle, P&G, and a lot more are investing time and money into sourcing the best procurement talent available. There are organizations which pirate employees and offer higher salaries and rewards just to get them to work for their company.So, how can you become a desirable procurement professional? What are the key qualities that employers look after for an ideal procurement employee? Oxford College of Procurement listed these skills and/or characteristics of a highly desirable procurement professional: Interim or Temporary ExperienceA lot of companies are still reluctant to offer full time positions while the economy is still recovering. At the moment, companies are hiring interim or temporary positions until the economy gets better.Interim positions does sound negative at first, but temporary positions benefit both the procurement professional and the company. Why? Interim positions allow ambitious procurement professionals to gain experience for a short term in an established or multi-national company.Companies who offer interim positions to procurement professionals benefit in a variety of ways, such as a temporary staff may come with experience in a wide range of sector and the person may provide fresh outlook and innovative ideas for the company’s own procurement processes.   Category ManagementOxford College of Procurement emphasized that strong relationship with suppliers lead to efficient and cost effective procurement process. With this reason alone, there has been a surge in openings for those with category management experience, may it be regional or global level.What is important is that the procurement professional is able to form new relationships and nurture existing relationships with suppliers, with the predominant aim to strengthen the foundations of the supply chain and reduce overall costs.   Supply Chain CertificationEarning a supply chain certification can set you apart from the competition. While it is indeed true that experience is a great way to acquire skill and boost your CV, experience alone is not sufficient especially when the competition is tough.Companies are now recognizing the need of certification to supply chain professionals. Companies often hire procurement professionals who are Certified Professionals in Supply Management by the ISM.CPSM qualification can be gained in various ways, and preparing for the exam does not have to hinder or slow down your career. CPSM has gained an excellent reputation within the companies in the United States. In fact, companies offer scholarship programs.CPSM courses are offered in a boot camp section or through online classes by Supply Leaders Academy which is spearheaded by Dr. Randall Mauldin, CPSM, PMP. Dr. Mauldin. The next supply chain mastery online class will begin on April 10, 2016.
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