How to easily get hired as a Logistics Professional

05-20-15 05:50 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Logistics is a fast growing industry specially due to the continued increase in the e-commerce industry. Moving goods the fastest way as possible is the number one priority to keep the supply and demand chain running smoothly. Not anyone can get a job in logistics. A job in the field of logistics requires a professional to be confident, organized, diligent and intelligent. If you are dreaming to become part of the logistics team, you should be able to handle a lot of pressure. A progressive career in logistics can also lead you to a great career pathway. Here are a few tips on how you can land a job in logistics: Earn a Logistics Degree If you are really eager to become part of the logistics industry then you may get a degree in logistics management. There are several universities and certification programs that offer courses in the area that can lead you to logistics. Earning a relevant education is important for anyone interested in a logistics career. A degree in logistics management covers subjects, such as distribution and logistics, supply chain management, managerial decision-making and a lot more. Due to the broad scope of the field, some programs are offered by schools as an operation management degree or logistics and supply chain management degree. 5.18 - How to get a job in logisticsConstantly learn through Certification Programs If you already have a degree and you want to shift your career path, you may enroll on certification programs that will lead you to logistics. A certification program of the Institute of Supply Management, such as becoming a Certified Professional in Supply Management can help you land a career in logistics. Earning a certification is the easiest way since it would only take you a couple of months to become a Certified Professional in Supply Management.Gain Experience in the Field If you are currently employed, your experience in the field which you acquired first-hand will put you ahead during interviews. Applying for work placements at local logistics companies may be a good way to go. Join the Military You’ll have logistics training once you join the U.S. military. Logistics operations are extremely important in the armed forces, and getting positions in supply chain management is rarely a problem. Gaining a four-year experience in the military service is enough to get you to a mid-level logistics position in a private company or civilian organization. Logistics may seem like a complicated job, but if you have an advanced degree, experience and a passion to learn the discipline, you will surely have no troubles in entering the field of logistics. If you intend to go global, logistics is a perfect career path! Logistics is a stepping stone into the field of international business. A lot of people who begin a career in logistics usually find themselves quickly to gain experience in international business thus, leading them to new opportunities. Just be confident and be passionate so you will get a job and become successful in logistics. Get more tips at Supply Leaders’ Academy
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