How To Make Solar Panels

Randall Mauldin
02-16-12 12:05 AM Comment(s)
By Terry Philips Renewable energy, renewable energy, renewable energy - this is one of the most popular phrases across the globe at the minute. Although the premise started many moons ago, it is only really within the last decade that people have really been intrigued by the benefits of this power source. We know about man-made carbon emissions, and three-quarters of them are caused by the continuous burning of fossil fuels so it is time to make a change. Business owners and families are now understanding that an investment to save money can be done using solar panels - long-term - on their houses and offices. Your home can be run thanks to using the energy of the sun to create lots of power. Although it is advised to use the national grid as well, the use of solar, hydro and wind sources is perfect for working with the earth to power your home. That said, panels can be expensive and many people look into ways of whether or not it is possible to create your own solar panels. Keep reading to find out how you can create your own solar panels in seven simple steps: - Materials - First things first, you need to get the things that you can use to create the solar panels. The six things you will need are: Flux, insulated wire, solder, bus wire, solar panels backing and 36 solar cells. - Prepare the solar panel backing - Non-conductive backing is essential for all solar panels and you need to use plastic or plywood and cut it down for the cells. Once this is done, use moisture protective paint and UV to coat it up and protect it from water or sun damage. - Connect the solar cells - Here we need to sort out how they will be connected together. It is recommended to purchase pre-tabbed solar cells for this. Align single lines of nine solar cells with the wires going in the same direction. - Add the bus wire - The best thing to do to get power is simply connect all of the solar cells together, because while they work well on their own they are better together. You need to be able to have a single solar cell to span, so make sure that the bus wire is cut perfectly. - Testing solar cell array - Once it has been put together, you need to test connections to be certain that everything is working right. This is a simple task that only involves placing the solar cell in direct sunlight and face up. - Gluing the cells - Now its time to get the solar cells onto the backing. All of the positive terminals should be adjacent to the negative ones so that you can put them up on the backside. Its a careful job to not use too much pressure and while also not smudging the glue. - Wiring - Wiring together can begin once the strips or arrays are put on the panel. Starting with the negative end, take a snaking pattern all the way through. - Cover the solar panel - Its almost time to complete your solar panel, but now you need a wooden or plastic border to cover and secure the panel. Once this is done then you are ready to enjoy solar panel energy in your home. a href= wholesale/a is something that everybody can use to meet their solar panel needs. Click the following link to find top a href= distributors/a that can deliver what you want.