Listen To Recruitment Agents Before An Interview

Randall Mauldin
02-17-12 06:40 AM Comment(s)
So your recruitment agent has called to say that you have got an interview opportunity and that they have important advice for you. Reputable recruitment agents will have placed countless people in suitable new media sales jobs where they have gone on to be a success so it is vital that you listen to their recommendations before attending your interview. Prior to your interview, the agents will tell you how to prepare effectively and the first thing to consider when organising your research is to investigate the company where you are attempting to get a job. The best place to conduct your research is by looking at the company website which should tell everything you need to know about the organisations history, key personnel and mission statement. An interviewer will most likely test you on how much you know about their company so it is important that you demonstrate your ability to do basic research by preparing a convincing answer for this question. The recruitment agent have had an in-depth discussion with the employer so they will also know a bit about the culture of the organisation which will help them to tell you what constitutes suitable clothing for the interview. New media sales jobs often require employees to dress smartly as a formal appearance is important to the industry but there are some organisations with a more casual culture which encourages a more relaxed approach to workplace attire. The recruitment agent will also be able to inform you about the person who is likely to interview you and provide you with a brief insight into their career history and the type of questions they are likely to ask. Once you discover the identity of your interviewer it is advisable to search for them on social networking sites such as LinkedIn as this will educate you about their experience and professional interests. Recruitment agents will take the worry out of you having to find out where the interview will be taking place by giving you sound directions and they can sometimes provide you with a map. The best thing about going through a recruitment agency is that they are always on hand in case you have any pressing questions as it is in their interest to place you in the position. If you are set on finding a position in the new media sales jobs industry, then you must select a recruitment agency with relevant experience in the sector. a href= media sales jobs/a and a href= sales jobs/a are available at Carreras Lathane Associates (CLA). The new CLA site was created by cutting-edge web design London agency PureBlue.