Performance Management: How To Improve Learning

Randall Mauldin
08-24-16 12:16 PM Comment(s)
youngpros6With performance management and learning converging together, it becomes very easy to find out a talent is performing and how the talent can be improved for better performance. The integration of these two, i.e. performance and learning allows the organizations to actually understand the trends of the workforce and hence, identify the gaps in the organizations and work accordingly to ensure that the business needs are addressed. The integration of the performance management and learning can benefit both the learning group and HR of the company. Let us find out how performance management can actually help to improve learning and training initiatives. Production of a working development plan It has been found that the organizations generally fail in adopting development plans which are independently managed by Learning Management System but with the integration of the performance management and learning, the development plan gets directly aligned with the goal of the organization and get linked to the overall strategy of the company. Employees will pick up the prescribed learning process when they can see how development is tied directly to their merit considerations and performance evaluation. Improving the programs for leadership development Leadership development is the most popular of all learning initiative. When succession planning as well as career come together with performance management, zeroing down on the job functions become easy and finding individuals in need of leadership development. This in turn deals with demographic shifts, increased specialization and increasing turnover of employees which are responsible for shortage of employees. Learning group of a company can actually systematically develop any critical talent of the company. Increasing the visibility of the learning opportunities Learning Management System is one of the many applications in the company which the employees are supposed to use. However, to make the employees login and use it is one real challenge. However, when performance management and the learning system are integrated together, it has been found that the total number of individuals signing up for the optional courses increases! To increase the Learning Management System use, tying up the mandatory processes to the salary is an effective measure. The employees who are aspiring will actually be spending more time with competency gaps and development plans and will spend more and more time with career development. Training Should Be Aligned To Cover Organizational Needs There are various organizations which decide to cut down the learning and development budget whenever recession shows up. The training group of a company can change this by proving that training programs have direct relation with the strategy of the organization. When performance management is integrated with learning and development, the competency gaps can be easily identified and the areas which need focus and strategic development can be nicely focused. This will nicely justify the need of talent development programs. Thus, for any organization, performance management plays a significant role which can manifest the need of learning and talent development, which are directly linked to the strategies of the organization. Joe Maldonado