Rash Guard: A Modern Day Fighters Armor

Randall Mauldin
02-16-12 09:56 PM Comment(s)
Copyright copy; 2012 savvycontent.com Most people upon hearing the term of a rash guard would often think that they are simply used to protect the skin from skin abrasions caused from water related activities and sunburn against prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays. Well of course these are the main reasons as to why a rash guard has been invented in the first place. However as more and more people try out the apparel on activities other than water related sports or summer protection, its usefulness tends to add up as people start swearing on what are the other benefits and advantages this skin tight clothing can contribute aside from simple protection. In mixed martial arts (MMA) for example, a type of rash guard has been created to suit the needs of the fighter. Especially when the fight includes a lot of skin contact between opponents like in the case of grappling, wrestling or jiu jitsu, they tend to have an effective drying effect on the person when in times of excessive sweating. Though the fabric used for a rash guard is surprisingly thin, its capacity of absorption is unexpectedly impressive as well. In the heat of battle, it is important for fighters to sweat as little as possible since this can tell the difference of victory and defeat. A rash guard which is usually made of spandex has proved to contain an insulating effect. Meaning it can provide and retain body heat in times when a person is exposed on long periods of cold temperature. Most fighters would prefer to compete inside the ring with as little clothing as much as possible especially if it is loose enough that will be used as an advantage by their opponents to seize and grab them with little effort putting them at the mercy of a disadvantageous position. Wearing a rash guard designed for mixed martial arts combat would make them feel well insulated without the worry of being grabbed since they are closely attached to the skin that it almost feel like they are actually wearing nothing. The combination of the mentioned advantages would enable a fighter of mixed martial arts to sweat less and maintain a more leveled temperature that will optimized the level of training and combat. The wearing of the rash guard would provide the opportunity for an increased in focus of technique and fighting skills that will enable a fighter to give his or her best effort inside the ring. Learn more about a href=http://www.buy-rash-guards.com/womens-rash-guard.htmlwomens rash guards/a. Stop by http://www.buy-rash-guards.com where you can find out all about a href=http://www.beachtrading.com/rash-guards.htmlrashguard/a and what it can do for you.