Supply Management: How far will you go to achieve your dreams?

09-12-14 06:38 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

How well a company can go with CPSM? Does a CPSM Professional need to leave his post for a sales position? Just take a look at a scenario inside an organization without CPSM, how well do they manage to attack delays on supplies, estimating logistic and overhead costs? Does everybody have a blueprint for a plan A or a plan B or C? CEO’s usually focus on sales and not the people behind who bring in a sumptuous ROI. Frankly speaking, most companies are not too involved in enhancing CPSM’s steps by sending them out to seminars and conferences, they are too focused on leveling up their sales representatives, not knowing CPSM’s covers a wide variety of responsibilities that enable the company to go on and exist. It’s not merely people in the sales department that bring in profit, how can these people act when supplies, production and logistics are disrupted due to unavoidable circumstances? Guess who would dance with this part? It’s not the people in sales, it’s the CPSM who research and make a master plan for all of the problems and setbacks that may occur. There’s still numerous companies at present who are not well versed on the importance of a CPSM, they recruit just because of the trend not realizing these people have a significant role in running a business. It’s in the hands of a well motivated CPSM that boost profit. As a CPSM one must not surrender his role down just for any other sales position. The company might lack idea in the real value of a Certified Supply Management Professional. Instead, if you are a CPSM passer, give your best shot. Go an extra mile and show the people in the top that you are of great value to the company, besides, big firms who had put a name in the international arena relies much on their CPSM. Widen your ideas more and turn whatever thing you know into a perfect scheme that would produce profit for the whole company. No need to worry if sales professionals are so decisive with their jobs, you still can beat them through trainings and boot camps. Collect as many certifications and a heavy load of applicable knowledge and try to aim for the best output for the company. Don’t just rest on your laurels; continue to strive for greater heights. Remember CPSM position is far better than transferring into sales department, purchasing department, sales departments, logistics department, accounting department, budget department for reasons that all these sections come through with the approval and check and balance of an effective CPSM. Remember, you are in the right position, don’t be discouraged if some CEOs do not give a particular importance to you. Give all what it takes to be recognized,  give your best shot in handling your role as an effective CPSM. Let the CEO’s realize you are not just a mere employee, you almost run half of the company’s business plan and strategies. Now, you decide .to be or not to be a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)! Join the "scholarship sweepstakes" of CPSM Certification Boot Camp! Try your luck and who knows you might win the $1597 scholarship!  Call 877-680-0494 for more details
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