Tips on how you can become great logistics leader

Randall Mauldin
08-18-15 05:50 PM Comment(s)
Incredible leaders relish and look for obligation and responsibility. They motivate certainty, win the hearts and psyches of their group, and draw out their best, whether on the stockroom floor or in the official wing.Organizations in the mid 21st century may be on the very edge of a leadership emergency. With Baby Boomers going to resign by the thousand, and other potential leaders cut back or demotivated, who will replace them?The skills and knowledge of a logistics leader are critical for companies seeking to establish competitive advantage in the field of supply management and logistics. Procter & Gamble was one of the early logistics innovator, and this is due to the early logistics and supply chain leaders who exhibited strong vision at that time. The first supply chain and logistics leaders of Procter and Gamble were highly motivated, creative, innovative and were willing to change the way the game was played.All levels of organization need leadership, but the warehouse floor and the executive floor is another thing. There are certain areas in the organization wherein it has its own set of rules and political forces that comes into play. As a leader, you need to have a grasp and understanding of the surroundings and you should also find a way on how to win the hearts and minds of your team. As what they would always say, a great leader is able to bring the best of each person whether you are on the executive wing or on the warehouse floor.Leadership varies depending on the view of a person. In fact, leadership style depends on what kind of situation you are in. There are several competencies and skills that forms the concept of a great leader.Visionary A leader is a visionary. He inspires and creates a vision for the people around him. They consider that vision as a dream with a deadline. A vision does not need to be grand, however, that vision must create a different situation compared to the present state.Inspiration and Motivation Great leaders convey their vision with unending passion. They communicate effectively with other people and they get excited whenever they share their vision to others.Empowerment A great leader is considered as one who empowers his employees and creates an environment that permits his people to freely exercise their talents and maximize their potential.Authenticity They possess integrity, a well-grounded moral and ethical framework, and respect for others.

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Is there a difference between Leaders and Managers?

Leadership is not exactly the same as management. Leadership entails inspiring others and enabling an organization foster an environment wherein they can freely exercise their talents, while managing do not really inspire or lead an organization. Management is more interrelated with administration.Developing your leadership skills begins through understanding one’s self. You need to determine and understand your strengths and weaknesses. You may assess your leadership capabilities, but this is not a one-time exercise. Become a great leader requires constant effort and working with people.

Randall Mauldin