What covers CPSM Examination

02-28-15 09:13 PM Comment(s) By Randall Mauldin

Those planning to get a CPSM certification have apprehensions of registering for reasons they have no or half baked knowledge on what covers the examination. They have the notion that since this is a complex, multi task responsibility; there are lots of subjects that needs to be tackled. To give an overview of what the examination covers for the benefit of those who will take the exam or those who are still planning on registering, everything will be discussed here points by points. First, to give an overview, all subject matters that are tackled address the realities of the function of a Supply Manager. As have known, the scope and responsibilities of a Supply Manager cover a broad spectrum from supply managing, appropriate use of technology and workplace crisis and complexities. These are broken into cell topics and put into simplified forms for an examinee to understand and digest easily. 2015 Schedule   As discussed on previous articles, subjects such as logistics, procurement and purchasing, distribution and warehousing are some of the key subjects that need to be given importance. But in addition, there are still other topics to be given value during the review and that would be investment recovery, strategic sourcing, outsourcing issues and product development. Investment recovery refers to recovering the value of an asset that is not of use to a company. Investment recovery starts with accounting of the company’s asset that’s already idle and need to be disposed or reuse reclaiming substantial value in the process. Strategic sourcing is another component of Supply management, which pertains to the continues reevaluation activities of the purchases and its activities involved of which aims for getting the best product and services for the leverage of the company’s profit. This doesn’t involve a one time process all outcomes are based on analysis and marketing intelligence of collaborative approach of all concerned in the business. Outsourcing issues. First, let’s address what outsourcing is. It’s an act providing services to another company or simply contracting a task outside the company.  One outsourcing issue is a quality problem. The company or manufacturer that is involved in outsourcing is only motivated by the profit involved based on the quantity of the product; they are not much keen about the quality of the product they are producing. They are covered by the contract of agreement, so as long they follow what is stipulated in the contract, then so be it and in the event of economic fluctuation you have to pay them the agreed cost and labor for the product. Another issue is about trade secrets, outsourcing means that a company has to share the confidentiality of its product, especially the product confidentiality on its formulas and set up. To end up, these are the subjects that need to be given focus during the review. CPSM is a broad and complex work; all examinees must focus on these topics as well as those mentioned from previous articles. To pass the exam, an examinee is required to pass three exams and so every topic must be taken seriously. Join the 3-day CPSM Certification Training of Jack Quinn Solutions LCC to have an intense and focused preparation to pass the CPSM Exam! Visit www.cpsmtraining.com or call 877-680-0494  
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