Why it is not convenient to have an MBA now

Randall Mauldin
07-20-15 07:15 PM Comment(s)
Florida - A new trend in supply management was noted last year. Most supply management professionals and procurement officers are no longer pursuing Masters in Business Administration. Instead they are taking an exam, which will enable them to become a Certified Professional in Supply Management or CPSM. Experts believe that this is brought about by financial constrains being faced by most professionals and companies. Finishing a Masters in Business Administration would mean two years of studying while obtaining a CPSM would only take you one to three months. Professionals are saving both time and money when they opt to pursue the CPSM Exam. The CPSM is a product of Institute of Supply Management wherein supply management professionals are getting certified for the expertise they exhibit in supply management. The professionals who pass the CPSM Exam are equipped in implementing supply management procedures. In fact, a lot of companies are hiring Certified Professionals in Supply Management and they earn 8% more compared to those people who do not have any certification. Passing the CPSM Exam is easy when you have the proper materials, strategy and review. In fact one can take and pass all three exams in just 30 days! One of the companies that provide CPSM Boot Camp is Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC. They have produced several CPSM professionals and companies like Hitachi are partnering with them to help Hitachi’s employees pass the CPSM Exam. Jack Quinn Solutions conducts a 3-day CPSM Exam all year round in different States. The 3-day CPSM Boot Camp is described by most participants as an intensive, comprehensive, and focused supply management review boot camp that will surely help you pass the CPSM Exam. In the said boot camp, participants are given study materials as well as study techniques and strategies on how to pass the CPSM Exam the first time. About Dr. Randall Mauldin, USMC(ret), CPSM, PMPDr. Randall Mauldin, CPSM, PMP is the one who helps professionals just like you to pass the CPSM Exam. He is one of the top selling authors of supply management book in Amazon. Dr. Mauldin has been creating supply chains, managing procurement, and facilitating logistics to create extraordinary value through cost savings and continuous improvement for over 20 years. From his 20 years experience in the United States Marine Corps managing all aspects of the supply chain, from procurement to logistics to customer service, Dr. Mauldin understands the value of supply chain management as a strategic part of business operations and how well you spend your money will determine your success or failure. Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC focuses on helping procurement professionals achieve the highest standard in the purchasing career field. Supply chain management is a strategic part of business operations and our training courses develop Supply Leaders who understand all aspects of supply chain management and possess the leadership skills required to implement strategic solutions with military precision and a "failure is not an option" attitude. If you want to have an increase in your wage or become a leader in your company, all you have to do is visit www.cpsmtraining.com or www.supplyleadersacademy.com and participate in our review and online courses!