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CPSM is for 40s too

11-28-14 06:48 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
CPSM belongs to the 40’s too! You may be thinking CPSM is just for the young entrepreneurs or the young professionals. You are wrong. Even if you are in your forties you still have a chance to change your future and the  digit of your wage. How? Easy, take and pass the CPSM Exam and surely you ...

Passing the CPSM Exam within 1 month

11-28-14 06:39 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Passing the CPSM Exam within 1 month The Certified Professional in Supply Management is comprised of three examinations, but passing all three exams is possible within one month! Supply Leaders' Academy has helped several procurement and supply chain professionals pass the CPSM Exam and some of them...

Is it important for a CPSM to know the Economic Weather of a Business?

11-24-14 06:36 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Let’s not beat around the bush, the answer is definitely yes! CPSM is considered good in this field. They can estimate variables at some specified dates; this can be based on statistics, previous sales records or operation and data, whichever the field may be, of course Risk and uncertainty are giv...


11-23-14 03:29 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
There are three possible things that a 30-year old supply chain professional is currently experiencing now. First, he might be on top of his career and successful in leading his own team, receiving a huge chunk of money every month, but stressed and pressured. Second, he might be in the middle-entry...

Why CPSM is a Great Value to the Corporate World

11-20-14 05:58 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Is a professional who passed the CPSM Exam a great value to the corporate world or is it a waste of money? It’s not unusual for any company to hire employees who has a mindset of an entrepreneur, and it is also common for a company to hire a goal oriented person, specifically a ...

Why Hire a Certified Professional on Supply Management or CPSM for your Company

11-20-14 05:41 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Can a CPSM really help your company? What is a company? What is business? Of course these two are associated with each other. We all know a company is not only owned by a sole proprietor, but it is a collection of individuals whose main aim is profit which possess diverse ideas on how to ...

Reducing the Risk of Liability in Supply Chain

11-15-14 06:00 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Supply chain professionals are capable of increasing global supply chain efficiency, but they can also increase the risk. Unfortunate calamities like earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, hurricane and other events may affect the supply chain. The Japanese earthquake recently demonstrated how a calamity wou...

Dealing with Supply Chain Inefficiency

11-15-14 05:56 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Sixty-two percent of supply chain managers are facing supply chain interruptions, safety issues, and a number of government regulation issues. These problems may seem minute and important to professionals who don't have any idea about supply chain, but a Certified Professional in Supply Chain Manage...

How NOT to Waste Time while Negotiating Contracts

11-06-14 03:23 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Eighty percent of your time is wasted while negotiating contracts. This is commonly experienced when both are in disagreement with the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. The negotiation phase  is a gruelling process that both consumes time, energy, and can impede the developments...

What Makes a CPSM so Important in a Company?

11-03-14 07:34 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Globalization brought a lot of changes in the realm of business and supply. It paved the way to develop a new breed of professionals such as that of a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM). Before globalization made its way into the limelight, a number of business operate only within a...

Hiring a Certified Professional in Supply Management is NOT a Trend it is a MUST!

11-02-14 04:53 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
      We have discussed much about big corporations, organizations and company’s need for a Certified Professional in Supply Chain Management, but don’t you know that even a thriving business needs CPSM the most? Let’s talk about partnerships; if everybody’s the owner without b...


10-04-14 07:52 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENationwide Supply Chain Management Training Provider Enters into Strategic Business Relationship with NTERelationship to Provide Mutual Benefit to CustomersCHICAGO – Oct.3, 2014 – NTE LLC, the leader in multi-tenant platform Software as a Service (SaaS), providing: Enterpri...

Supply Chain Management Boot Camp Scholarship Winner

10-02-14 03:03 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
2 October 2014 For Immediate ReleaseSupply Chain Management Boot Camp Scholarship Winner   Satellite Beach, FL - The CPSM Certification Boot Camp Training initiated a scholarship sweepstakes that gives away a $1597 worth of scholarship to a 3-day supply management boot camp. In a span of o...

How can a CPSM improve Supplier Relations in Supply Management?

10-01-14 06:59 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Certified Professionals in Supply Management or CPSM as we commonly call them contributes to the profit of the company based on effective procurement as well as maintaining the relations with major suppliers. Professionals with a CPSM Certification are in the frontline of meeting suppliers and it ...

Sought After Supply Chain Certification

09-30-14 04:02 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
The sought after Supply chain certification can be a precious piece of paper for many who know the value of its role in a company or an organization. If a mere employee has a career trajectory of becoming a Certified Supply chain Manager, he has to undergone a test to be called as one. Although it ...

How to get a Raise before the year ends

09-21-14 10:48 AM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Companies do not just give salary and budget increase. Top-ranking officials specially in the finance department are very strict when it comes to spending and budgeting money. That is why you are still earning the same salary despite the fact that we are no longer in the period of recession; penny-...

Supply chain Management Certification Review Course Testimonial

09-17-14 01:49 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)

Top 5 reasons why continuing education is important in Supply Management

09-15-14 05:16 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
Today, the business world evolves every minute; one technique or flair may not be effective the next day. Everybody needs to constantly get their feet on the move, and competition is the key to be on the lead. Success in today’s business depends on how well supply chain functions are run. Exploring,...

Supply Management: How far will you go to achieve your dreams?

09-12-14 06:38 PM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
How well a company can go with CPSM? Does a CPSM Professional need to leave his post for a sales position? Just take a look at a scenario inside an organization without CPSM, how well do they manage to attack delays on supplies, estimating logistic and overhead costs? Does everybody have a blueprint...

Strategic Supply Chain Management requires certification

09-12-14 08:36 AM By Randall Mauldin - Comment(s)
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